‘The King Woman’: This was the intense training of Viola Davis to be the warrior Nanisca

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To star in the movie ‘La Mujer Rey’, Viola Davis had to undergo a rigorous training to meet the physical objectives that the film requires, since she plays a warrior woman. One of the first training with which it began was to do running. For the actress, age is just a number and in a … Read more

Will Erasmo Provenza compete in EXATLON?: This is how he is training!

Will Erasmo Provenza compete in EXATLON This is how he

Getty Images Erasmus Provence Two seasons have passed since Erasmus Provence He left the leadership of EXATLON United States, and although the Venezuelan left the show on bad terms, lately his fans continue to keep hopes alive that he could return to the reality show. And it is that despite the fact that Erasmo has … Read more

From Madonna’s party night to Scarlett Johansson’s training: celebrities in one click

From Madonnas party night to Scarlett Johanssons training celebrities in scaled

Also, Penélope Cruz enjoys vacations in Italy with family and friends, and Matt Damon goes shopping in Australia. With the magic intact, Madonna shines with her own light, as in the night of DiscOrama in Central Park, in New York City, in which she surprised in a bowling alley on roller skates (The Grosby Group) … Read more

Listen to music underwater to concentrate on training… with these 52-euro headphones!

Listen to music underwater to concentrate on training with these scaled

Swimming is one of the most faithful sports in its lines, both professional and amateur. In winter or in summer, there are many who go to train underwater to stay in shape and meet the sports objectives that ensure better health. A sport with recognized and numerous health benefits which, however, has some detractors who, … Read more

Free Seminar on Musical Practice of the Symphonic Band – Aptus | News of education, culture, art, education and training

The Buenos Aires Symphonic Band opened the registration for this training space without age limit. the 24th edition of the Seminar on Integration and Musical Practice of the Symphonic Band of the City of Buenos Aires invites students of musical instruments from schools and conservatories from all over the country to participate in this free … Read more

Interceptor: how Chris Hemsworth helped Elsa Pataky for her intensive training

Interceptor how Chris Hemsworth helped Elsa Pataky for her intensive

Elsa Pataky breaks teeth on Netflix with “Interceptor”. To prepare for this physical role, the actress was entitled to intensive training and was able to benefit from the advice and support of her husband Chris Hemsworth, accustomed to this kind of preparation. Elsa Pataky action girl ofinterceptor With interceptor, Elsa Pataky is at the center … Read more

Cameron Diaz: What I Learned During The Post-Injury 8-Month Training Gap

Cameron Diaz. Avaline/MEGA Embracing the good with the bad. Cameron Diaz reveal how a recent injury changed your training mindset and overall approach to health. “I’m still recovering from an Achilles tendon injury, so I’ve been out of exercise for eight months,” the 49-year-old actress explained in Goop’s latest newsletter. “I used to be very … Read more

Tom Cruise’s training to be a pilot again in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

1650425927 Tom Cruises training to be a pilot again in Top

The protagonist of the franchise Mission Impossible He has us used to pushing his own physique to the limit, as long as he is himself in those impossible scenes in which any mistake could seriously injure the actor. Paramount Pictures is not dumb and that adrenaline addiction It comes in handy when it comes to … Read more

Father Stu | Mark Wahlberg trades training for calories

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(Los Angeles) Actor Mark Wahlberg is renowned for his relentless training program which has allowed him to maintain a young physique at the age of 50. But for his last role in the film Father Stuhe swapped cast iron for food, always in impressive quantities. Posted yesterday at 10:40 a.m. Huw GRIFFITH France Media Agency … Read more

Breeding – Acupuncture, massage, osteopathy sessions… Breeders from Cher have undergone training in animal welfare

Breeding Acupuncture massage osteopathy sessions… Breeders from Cher have

She walks slowly into the pen where there are five young calves. The straw crunches softly under his boots. Pauline Garcia deposits an unusual object, bright yellow, before observing how the animals will react to this intrusion into their universe. A behaviorist and breeder in Cantal, the young woman specializes in ethology, the science of … Read more