This is ‘Bullet Train’, the Japanese best seller that inspired the film of the same name starring Brad Pitt | UPR

This is Bullet Train the Japanese best seller that inspired

As a correlate of the recent premiere in national theaters of the film “Bullet train“, which has the actors Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock in the leading roles, the homonymous novel by the Japanese author also arrives in bookstores Kotarou Isaka. a book that sold 700,000 copies and tells the story of five hired killers … Read more

Brad Pitt: The Bullet Train star has a list of actors he’ll never work with

Brad Pitt The Bullet Train star has a list of

It is Aaron Taylor-Johnson who affirms it: Brad Pitt would have a list of actors with whom he would be ready to work and a second containing the names of those … with whom he would never work! Released in cinemas on August 3, Bullet Train, directed by David Leitch, brings together Brad Pitt, Sandra … Read more

Bullet Train: Have you spotted Ryan Reynolds? – CineSeries

Bullet Train Have you spotted Ryan Reynolds CineSeries

Released on August 3 at the cinema, “Bullet Train” is probably one of the great blockbusters of this festival period. Possessing a crazy cast, it also has a few cameos, such as a certain Ryan Reynolds. Bullet Train : gunfight A high-speed train, criminals who clash in this closed space and a cluster of stars… … Read more

Bad Bunny: the unusual moment in which Brad Pitt allegedly flirted with the singer on the red carpet of “Bullet Train”

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

A few days ago, it was red carpet movie Bullet Train at the Regency Village Theater in Los Angeles, an event that featured the participation of the main cast of this production. During the expected premiere of this film, Bad Bunny and Brad Pitt stole the eyes of those present and surprised their followers by … Read more

The movies in which the director of “Bullet Train” was the action double of Brad Pitt

The movies in which the director of Bullet Train was

Probably an example of starting from the bottom in Hollywood is David Leitch, who got his start in the industry as a stunt double for actors like Brad Pitt and Jean-Claude Van Damme. However, he later went on to direct well-known films such as “Dead Pool 2” for Marvel. Now, he returns to demonstrate his … Read more

‘Bullet Train’: The reference to the Mexican film with Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts

Bullet Train The reference to the Mexican film with Brad

‘Bullet train’ brought Brad Pitt back in a story full of weapons and betrayals, but there was a scene that reminded us of a Mexican movie that he co-starred with Julia Roberts. Do you know which one we’re talking about? Bullet trainthe new film by David Leitch, director of action and comedy films such as … Read more

Actors Who Have Hilarious Cameos In “Bullet Train”

Actors Who Have Hilarious Cameos In Bullet Train

“Bullet train” (“Bullet Train” in English) is the American thriller that in addition to having high doses of action, will also make you laugh out loud. The film, released in the United States in August 2022, stars Brad Pitt, who in addition to delighting us with his great performance, will be accompanied by a great … Read more

Bullet Train, the cast: who are the actors who want to kill Brad Pitt in the action film?

Bullet Train the cast who are the actors who want

In the action blockbuster “Bullet Train”, currently in theaters, there is obviously Brad Pitt, but also many other comedians. We tell you here who are the partners of the Hollywood star. In the action movie Bullet Train, now in theaters, Brad Pitt plays Ladybug, an unlucky assassin boarding the world’s fastest train alongside fearsome adversaries. … Read more

Bullet Train: critics praise Bad Bunny’s performance in the film | tomatoes

Kevin Feige Says There Could Be More Black Widow Style Prequels

The world of movies, in any country, always generates conversation because of the great surprises there are. What is always on everyone’s lips are the stars that arrive at the big movie studios. It is not at all strange that someone who has been a success in music, more for fame than for talent, reaches … Read more

The advice that Brad Pitt gave Bad Bunny when recording “Bullet Train”

The advice that Brad Pitt gave Bad Bunny when recording

“Bullet Train”, the new film that stars Brad Pittnext to Sandro Bullock… and bad bunny It premiered this Friday, August 5, and the expectation is not only a matter of the audience and moviegoers, but of the actors themselves. Especially the reggaeton player, who has made his film debut. About this and even how Jennifer … Read more