The tragic life of Lisa Marie Presley: drugs, the suicide of a son and four failed marriages – La Tercera

The tragic life of Lisa Marie Presley drugs the suicide

During this Thursday’s day, the family of Lisa Marie Presleythe only daughter of the king of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presleyconfirmed that He died at the age of 54 in a Los Angeles hospital.California, after suffering a heart attack. Your death not only caused a stir in the world of show because she was the direct descendant … Read more

Kevin Conroy gave us the movie that best understands Batman in this tragic love story that went unfairly unnoticed.

Kevin Conroy gave us the movie that best understands Batman

The discussion around Batman on screen usually revolves around the real action. In which actor best embodies the idea of ​​the Dark Knight or best handles the duality with the human part of him in Bruce Wayne, or which director shows the closest approach to the ideal of the character (that everyone has one). However, … Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer: the tragic life of Tracy Edwards, the victim who escaped from the murderer portrayed by Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer the tragic life of Tracy Edwards the victim

The first chapter ofDahmer”, the biographical series premiered in Netflix on September 21, about the life of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmerbegins by explaining to us how the call came to an end ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ thanks to the fact that one of his possible victims was able to escape from him, denounce him and finally … Read more

They ‘revive’ José José to give a concert on his tragic anniversary

It is becoming more and more common to make an artist who has already passed away “come back” to make a presentation thanks to a hologramwe were able to see it with Michael Jackson, Jenny Rivera, Diego Verdaguer, ABBA and now we can live the experience with a concert of Jose jose. Now it’s easier … Read more

This is what Lucha Villa looks like 25 years after the TRAGIC surgery that put her in a coma and WITHDRAWN from music

Luz Elena Ruiz Bejarano, better known by her stage name as Villa fight, became one of the most successful singers in norteño and ranchera music, as well as in cinema. However, the artist was forced to leave the show due to a bad aesthetic intervention; This is how Lucha Villa looks a 25 years of … Read more

Orion: the tragic story of the singer who posed as the ghost of Elvis

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

Of all the stories and legends born as a result of Elvis Presley’s death 45 years agoperhaps none portrays with such vividness and cruelty the degree of necrophiliac cult and scoundrel exploitation that surrounded the battered corpse of the King like that of Orion the masked singer. It is a story that seems as unlikely … Read more

Mourning on Televisa: Galán from soap operas suffered a tragic end; he disappeared and ended up dead in a closet

Written in FAMOUS the 6/26/2022 06:00 a.m. Mexico City.- A famous actor from Televisawho triumphed in soap operas, suffered a tragic death that paralyzed the show business and that to date remains unpunished. the mexican actor Joseph Robert Hill He was found murdered in his home in December 2005, at the age of 60. He … Read more

The song that Yrma Lydya sang to Carmen Salinas and that Internet users pointed out as an omen of her tragic destiny

The song that Yrma Lydya sang to Carmen Salinas and

(photos: Youtube/screenshot) After the murder of the singer Yrma Lydya last June 23have turned their eyes on aspects of the life and the promising career of the Mexican singer. Since it is presumed that it was her husband, Luis Fernando Hernandez Alcocera 79-year-old man, who murdered her with three shots at suntory restaurant when he … Read more

This is the moving SONG that Shakira wrote to her brother after TRAGIC death | VIDEO

The life of Shakira seems to be marked by tragedy, for a long time the singer carried the tragic death from his brothera very close loved one for the Colombian and to whom she dedicated a song emotional and full of feeling to honor his memory, he knows in depth the personal life of the … Read more

What to see on Disney +: Jeff Goldblum gives himself body and soul to a tragic and grotesque story by David Cronenberg

What to see on Disney Jeff Goldblum gives himself

Despite its undoubted appeal, Jeff Goldblum It has been difficult to place him as a leading star in Hollywood. It hasn’t been for lack of trying, like when he took over the leadership of the Jurassic franchise in ‘The Lost World (Jurassic Park)’, but clearly that role doesn’t fit an interpreter as particular and meticulous … Read more