Bill Murray is once again accused of abuse and toxic behavior by Geena Davis

1673885777 Bill Murray is once again accused of abuse and

A few months ago, Geena Davis confess the harassment who suffered from Bill Murray on the set of With the cops on the heelsfueling the bad press that was developing around the Ghostbusters actor, who was accused of harassing a worker of deadlya film that it will have suspended its filming in order to investigate … Read more

Brad Pitt criticizes the models of toxic masculinity imposed by society: “it’s exhausting” | tomatoes

Kevin Feige Says There Could Be More Black Widow Style Prequels

Brad Pitt is one of those Hollywood luminaries that no one is indifferent to. At 58 years of age, his career in the American film industry is extensive and brilliant, replete with versatile projects in which he stands out as an actor and producer. But behind the heartthrob facade that the entertainment world knows is … Read more

Evaluna Montaner has been criticized by Camilo fans, who have called her “toxic”

Evaluna Montaner has been criticized by Camilo fans who have

Evaluate Montaner Y Camilo they are a solid couple from the artistic medium; However, the young woman has been criticized for being present at the singer’s concerts. The criticism that Camilo’s wife received. Apparently various fans of Camilo have been minimizing Evaluate Montaner, because the Colombian’s wife has been branded as “toxic”, being at the … Read more

Ivonne Montero talks about her “toxic relationship” with Laura Bozzo: “she does not measure her words”

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Despite his fame, the name of Yvonne Montero it sounded very loud again after he entered the reality show “The House of the Famous” and later she won it by being herself and without using strategies like the rest of her classmates. It should be noted that there were some celebrities who did not take … Read more

Camilo’s fans ask him to stop taking Evaluna to his concerts “she is toxic”

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

A few weeks before Indigo, the first-born of Camilo and Evaluna, was born, the artists paused their commitments to dedicate themselves to the reception of the little girl, who was born on April 6 of this year. It may interest you: Photo: Evaluna dyed her hair the color of her eyes. She was like this … Read more

“Toxic Affair”, le tournage catastrophe de la comédie romantique d’Isabelle Adjani

Toxic Affair le tournage catastrophe de la comedie romantique dIsabelle

Dans les coulisses des comédies françaises (12/12) – Cet été, BFMTV vous dévoile les secrets de films comiques hors-normes, cultes ou insolites. Aujourd’hui, Toxic Affair. Jamais un film n’a aussi bien porté son nom. Toxic Affair, accueilli par des huées au festival de Cannes en 1993, occupe une place à part dans la filmographie d’Isabelle … Read more

“You can be trans and toxic at the same time”: the new ‘Queer as Folk’ arrives unapologetically, more diverse and fluid than ever

You can be trans and toxic at the same time.webp

One of the meanings of the term gay defines something exultant, lively, luminous. That the word began to be used as a pejorative adjective for the homosexual community was linked to the idea that someone with what was considered a defective sexuality had no right to show happiness or be expressive. The homosexual had to … Read more

“The relationship of artists with their works can be healing, and change to toxic from one day to the next”

The relationship of artists with their works can be healing

Music Mental health Natxo Velez | Average EITB Published: 05/25/2022 11:17 (UTC+2) Last update: 05/25/2022 12:13 (UTC+2) Musika Bulegoa organizes on May 30 and 31 in Bilbao and Errenteria the free workshop on mental health “Mastering your inner world”, given by the psychologist Rosana Corbacho. It is aimed at professionals in the music industry and … Read more

‘Men’ Isn’t ‘An Intellectual Horror Movie’: Alex Garland Explains His Mysterious New Job With A24 About Toxic Masculinity

1651346913 Men Isnt An Intellectual Horror Movie Alex Garland Explains His

‘Men’ made his presentation with a disturbing trailer that evokes the danger of a woman being observed by men with bad intentions and paranoia inherent that accompanies mourning, the union of the names of alex garlandJessie Buckley and A24 It already caused a sensation a few months ago, and now a launch is expected on May 20 in the United States and to be confirmed in Spain thanks to Vértice.

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“Fresh”: a psychological thriller about obsession and toxic relationships

Fresh a psychological thriller about obsession and toxic relationships

“Fresh”: the psychological thriller that tells the relationship between Steve and Noa. (hulu) Fresh it is a psychological thriller that talks about how easy it can be to deceive a person. The film that is scheduled to premiere in StarPlus in Latin America next March 4tells the story of Noa (Daisy Edgar Jones), who has … Read more