Pancho Varona announces that Joaquín Sabina will do without him on his new ‘tour’ after 40 tours together

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

Joaquin Sabina (Úbeda, 73 years old) will do without Pancho Varona (Madrid, 65 years old), the guitarist who has accompanied him on 40 tours, who composed a hundred songs with him and who was the producer of 15 of his albums, in his next tour Against all odds, which will begin in February 2023. Varona … Read more

Behind the scenes of the Montaner family: endless travel and tours, global fame and unlimited faith in God

Behind the scenes of the Montaner family endless travel and

For the patriarch of the Montaner family, Ricardo MontanerTelling his life, that of his family and what they have achieved in the musical world in a film has been a dream for decades. That dream took shape last Wednesday through a docuseries released by the Disney+ platform. Under the name of The Montaners —as it … Read more

Industrial tourism – Discover, with secret tours of Berry, behind the scenes of companies in Cher

Portrait Clermontoise Estelle Baldassin has already shot alongside

There are many diverse and varied outings to occupy your summer holidays, but if you have to find unusual ones, the Secret visits are certainly one of them. From Léré to Lignières, in town as well as in rural communities, around forty companies in the Cher region open their doors to the public, in order … Read more

From Coldplay to Billie Eilish: the artists with the most sustainable tours

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What is the carbon footprint of a world tour? It is the question that the American singer asked herself billie eilish along with his entire team. When your tour concludes Happier Than Everwhich will take her all over the planet throughout this 2022, lthe author of ‘Bad Guy‘ will calculate the impact of all concerts … Read more

“Luz del Arcángel”: 2 concerts and guided tours of the Fernandina churches

The “Luz del arcángel” sacred heritage days that began last week in the Fuensanta Sanctuary with a hundred attendees, continue this weekend with two appointments in the Fernandina churches of San Lorenzo and San Pedro, two jewels of the cordovan architecture. On Friday the 10th, at 9:00 p.m., a guided tour and a detailed explanation … Read more

Bad Bunny: Know how much is the millionaire profit that the Latin king of world tours obtains for each concert | People | Entertainment

the fame of bad bunny transcends borders, Languages and genres, to the point that today the Puerto Rican, who began with the trap music genrefills stadiums worldwide with their tours. And once again it assures its merit, since last week it came to position itself in second place on the “Pollstar” list, where they ranked … Read more

Shazam goes beyond recognizing music: it will notify you of concerts and tours

1648536831 Shazam goes beyond recognizing music it will notify you of

Related news surely more than once Have you used Shazam? the quintessential app for find music that you don’t know It is an incredibly used application in Spain, with which you can know the name of a song simply by pressing a button. Now the apps integrates a series of functions to not only find … Read more