Olivia Wilde shows off her six-pack with a black crop top in California

Olivia Wilde shows off her six pack with a black crop

phillip faraoneGetty Images Just a few weeks ago Olivia Wilde proved to have the strongest abdomen at the WIF awards gala. The actress wore an outfit total black Composed of a skirt and a top that exposed the incredible definition of her abdomen. And if that wasn’t enough, has returned to show off abs in … Read more

From oblivion to the top, Lindsay Lohan becomes the queen of Netflix with “Christmas De Golpe”

The life of Lindsay Lohan has been immersed in ups and downs that one day left in oblivion the phenomenon she became in the 2000s, when she was the protagonist of countless blockbuster comedies that are still popular with the public, and now the actress has returned with a Christmas movie that recalls the reason … Read more

The film that breaks records on Netflix and is comfortably positioned in the TOP 3 of the platform

1668084337 The film that breaks records on Netflix and is comfortably

“Medieval”: Inspired by the true story of Jan Žižka, the film can be seen on Netflix Medieval managed to occupy the first places in the extensive Netflix catalog despite not having a great promotion. So far it is only surpassed by the platform mega tank, Enola Holmes 2. The film is inspired by a real … Read more

Cheap smartphone: Top 3 5G mobiles under €200 with the Galaxy A13, Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro and the Oppo A54

Cheap smartphone Top 3 5G mobiles under E200 with the

Want to move up a gear without breaking the bank? We have spotted for you three 5G compatible Smartphones on sale below 200 euros. But which one to choose between the Galaxy A13 5G from Samsung, the Poco M4 Pro from Xiaomi or the Oppo A54 5G? There is no longer any doubt to have: … Read more

Lord of the Lost confirm in Salamander that the German Gothic wants to return to the top | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

Lord of the Lost confirm in Salamander that the German

I came to consider going this summer to the Rock legends by Lord of the Lost and by the Sweetso obviously, since I finally didn’t go, I couldn’t miss the concert in Barcelona-L’H de Lord of the Lost. This German band has once again put German gothic in style and has done so at levels … Read more

Top 10 des films et séries TV à voir avec Mila Kunis

Top 10 des films et series TV a voir avec

Vous aimez l’actrice Mila Kunis ? Voici 10 films et séries dans lesquels elle joue, l’histoire de se faire toute sa filmographie ! Vous avez vu Milla Kunis dans un ou plusieurs films ou séries et vous avez adoré cette actrice ? C’est l’occasion de la revoir dans d’autres œuvres cinématographiques et télévisées. Voici donc … Read more

Top 5 Vivien Leigh Movies

Top 5 Vivien Leigh Movies

Imagine the legacy and talent of Vivien Leigh, who despite suffering from bipolar disorder, manic-depressive episodes of great intensity and of course her tuberculosis problem that tragically caused her death at the age of 53, is remembered by the industry, directors , actors and co-stars, as one of the most impressive and beautiful actresses of … Read more

Lucerito Mijares declares his love for Ricardo Arjona and sings at the top of his lungs at his concert

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

A lots of celebrities are fans of other celebrities and, sometimes, they have the opportunity to meet them in person and express their admiration. Just as it happened recently in a meeting between Lucerito Mijares and Ricardo Arjona. Lucerito Mijares is a fan of Ricardo Arjona: he declared his love for him and sang at … Read more

Ben Affleck places this amazing action movie in the top 5 of his career (and it’s not Batman)

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

A notable box office success at the time, the actor’s conversion into a killing (and calculating) machine continues to enjoy his love. ‘The Accountant’ is one of his most powerful films. A powerful film of intense ‘thriller’ and violent action that was one of the surprises of its respective year. Few people really bet on … Read more