The Iranian refugee who was played by Tom Hanks in “The Terminal” died | New Web Journal | Santiago del Estero

The Iranian refugee who was played by Tom Hanks in

He was known as the “Iranian refugee from Roissy” and his story went around the world until it became a source of inspiration for the film The Terminal, directed by Steven Spielberg. Mehran Karimi Nasseri, who lived for 18 years at the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, died on Saturday in terminal 2F of … Read more

Netflix Alert: You have just a few days to watch two of Tom Cruise’s most amazing and powerful movies

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Both ‘Jack Reacher’ and its sequel ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ are temporarily on the streaming platform. Opportunity to see one of the best collaborations between actor and screenwriter of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. A shocking crime produced unexpectedly and without apparent cause, told in the form of a crude and violent thriller, but also in … Read more

The difficult situation that Tom Hanks experienced and how he managed to lose weight

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The most read For the movie “Cast Away” Tom Hanks lost 55 pounds to be able to best interpret his character “Chuck” while he lived on the island. November 13, 2022 00:13 a.m. Tom Hanks He lost weight for his role in “Cast Away” by following a strict diet and a vigorous exercise regimen. hanks … Read more

This was the reaction of Tom Felton (Draco in Harry Potter) when seeing Emma Watson for the first time

This was the reaction of Tom Felton Draco in Harry

Maybe the movies Harry Potter finalized more than 10 years ago, but the magical saga created by JK Rowling is still very much alive in the hearts of all fans. Every day new secrets and curiosities about the Warner Bros. franchise emerge. Tom Felton, the actor who gave life to the character of Draco Malfoy … Read more

The passion on wheels shared by Bradley Cooper and Tom Hanks

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One of the most famous and profitable actors in Hollywood is Bradley Cooper, who thanks to that allows himself to have a large collection of expensive cars. To add more luxury, the protagonist of “Hangover” could be seen in an impressive sports car accompanied by Tom Hanks Slide and find out more! November 04, 2022 … Read more

Tom Hanks is a lonely and bitter man in the trailer for “A grumpy neighbor”

Tom Hanks is a lonely and bitter man in the

Otto Anderson (Tom Hanks) is a grumpy widower whose only joy is criticizing and judging his annoying neighbors until an unexpected friendship turns his world upside down. (Sony Pictures) a grumpy neighbor (A Man Called Otto) is the new movie Tom Hanks which will soon hit theaters. Based on the best-selling novel by writer Fredrik … Read more