9 Curiosities about the complicated filming of the movie “Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift”

9 Curiosities about the complicated filming of the movie Fast

The ‘Fast and Furious’ movies are productions that divide movie fans. There are those who love them and those who hate them. However, they never go unnoticed. Here we present a collection of curious facts and anecdotes about the least grossing, but most interesting film in the franchise. Tokyo Drift. 1. More than 100 cars … Read more

A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats like Lady Gaga’s music

A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats

Anyone can enjoy the music of Lady Gaga. Precisely one of the keys to his success was his Little Monsters [Monstruitos]as she called her followers, who at first considered themselves different, something that the artist herself promoted. Those who might not fall into that category were the rats. Literally the rats, not rat-kids or anything … Read more

Tokyo Revengers will have a second live-action movie in 2023 — Kudasai

Tokyo Revengers will have a second live action movie in 2023

The popular Japanese leaker Ryokutya confirmed from a leak in the next issue of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine that a second live-action film based on the manga written and illustrated by ken wakui, tokyo avengers, is in production. The premiere is scheduled for the year 2023 in theaters in Japan, while the production team … Read more

‘Tokyo Vice’ is an intriguing HBO Max series that suffers from a lack of character when Michael Mann isn’t directing

1649338263 Tokyo Vice is an intriguing HBO Max series that suffers

Jake Adelstein is a journalist who tries to make his way in Tokyo in the new series of hbo max produced by Jake Adelstein based on the book by, well, Jake Adelstein. Perhaps this is the reason that its main character is always so perceptive, so smiling, so successful and so loved all over the … Read more

The most anticipated premiere series in April: from ‘Tokyo Vice’ to ‘The city is ours’

The most anticipated premiere series in April from Tokyo Vice

Related news In April we will have to do good time management if we want to keep up with all the series that come. Fortunately, we will have days off at Easter, because in addition to the premieres, they also return Barry, Russian Doll, Better Call Saul and Ozarks with its long-awaited new seasons. Among … Read more

HBO Max premieres in April: ‘Barry’, ‘Tokyo Vice’, ‘The Flight Attendant’…

HBO Max premieres in April Barry Tokyo Vice The Flight

HBO Max is maintaining a commendable pace throughout 2022.’‘, ‘euphoria‘, ‘the golden age‘ or ‘Winning Time: The Lakers Dynasty‘ are some of the multiple original proposals that have been landing, and in April that figure will only skyrocket with a wide range of productions that will seek to appeal to all kinds of audiences. Ansel … Read more

‘Better Call Saul’ on Movistar, ‘Tokyo Vice’ on HBO and other series from April 2022

1648796351 Better Call Saul on Movistar Tokyo Vice on HBO and

The arrival of spring traditionally corresponds to a resurgence of television premieres. The options that the viewer will find in April are many and varied. From animation that delves into emotions and mental issues to intense police dramas, reviews of recent American history or the beginning of the Saul Goodman’s farewell. In national fiction, the … Read more

Tokyo Vice Trailer: Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe Star in Michael Mann-Directed Thriller

HBO Max has released the official trailer for the upcoming thriller series, Deputy Tokyo. Based on real events, Deputy Tokyo stars Ansel Elgort as American journalist Jake Adelstein, who, while reporting for a Japanese newspaper, uncovers corruption within the Tokyo Vice police team. The show was created by award-winning playwright JT Rogers and is inspired … Read more

‘Tokyo Vice’: everything you need to know about Michael Mann’s new series on HBO Max

1647398843 Tokyo Vice everything you need to know about Michael Manns

Michael Mann returns to television and does it through the front door. Tokyo Vice, his most recent production, will be part of the HBO Max catalog starting April 7. The series, which inevitably reminiscent of the television classic Miami Vice, is a reinvention of Mann’s obsessions with power and corruption. In fact, Tokyo Vice It … Read more

Tokyo Revengers inspires adult movie in Japan – Kudasai

1637949879 Tokyo Revengers inspires adult movie in Japan Kudasai

The Japanese adult film industry is always giving something to talk about, quickly adapting to current trends, especially when it comes to animation productions. That is why it is not surprising that the producer Honnaka will release a feature film based on the franchise of Tokyo Revengers. Entitled «HMN-077 Creampie Revengers-That Day, At That Time, … Read more