3 Times Oscar Nominee Quit Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo After Drastic Change to His Role in the Franchise

3 Times Oscar Nominee Quit Sylvester Stallones Rambo After Drastic

The three-time Oscar-nominated legendary veteran actor Kirk Douglas was once the part and parcel of Hollywood during his early years in the 80s. Having played several acclaimed roles, Douglas was majorly famous for his titular position in Stanley Kubrick’s historical epic Spartacus. Sylvester Stallone’s Rambo But while the veteran star was associated with different renowned … Read more

‘Nervous’ Macaulay Culkin plays ‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’ – reacts to being clue 42 times

Nervous Macaulay Culkin plays ‘Celebrity Jeopardy – reacts to being

Kevin! Macaulay Culkin was a contestant on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” Wednesday after being a clue on the game show countless times through the years. “You have been part of a ‘Jeopardy!’ clue, like, 42 times over your career,” host Ken Jennings told the “Home Alone” actor. “That’s a very impressive number.” Culkin, 43, took the news … Read more

Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America RETURN in ‘The Marvels’ final trailer ahead of Friday release – WATCH | English Movie News – Times of India

Robert Downey Jrs Iron Man and Chris Evans Captain America

Turns out all those rumours about Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans’ return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe may not be that far from the truth. The actors, who play the iconic characters of Iron Man and Captain America, respectively, made a comeback of sorts in ‘The Marvels‘ final trailer starring Brie Larson, Teynah Parris … Read more

“One more take”: Henry Cavill repeated 90 times one of the most iconic scenes of Season 3 of The Witcher to make it perfect

TO henry cavill He still has a few episodes left on Netflix’s The Witcher before saying goodbye for good. She already did it in real life, but the series is another story. Once the Volume 2 of Season 3 on July 27, 2023, then we can say that it will be over. Liam Hemsworth will … Read more

The protagonist hated the filming so much that he left it several times to go on drunken days until another of the actors threatened to kill him. You have until the end of the month to enjoy this gritty and legendary war movie

1679050363 The protagonist hated the filming so much that he left

The films of the war genre are ones that they go from one extreme to another: o they extol the best virtues of their protagonists, sometimes even ignoring their most obvious defects; or they show us characters without the slightest scruple, despicable, and with which any spectator with a modicum of morality will not feel … Read more

El Niño y la Verdad announces concert in Cuba: “These have been hard times”

El Nino y la Verdad announces concert in Cuba These

the cuban musician Emilio Friasconductor of the orchestra The Child and the Truthannounced a new concert in Cuba after spending long months without being able to perform on the island due to being censored by the State. “These have been hard times, but The Truth is like the Sun, it cannot be covered with a … Read more

Liam Hemsworth would have been unfaithful to Miley Cyrus 14 times

Liam Hemsworth would have been unfaithful to Miley Cyrus 14

Since Miley Cyrus He launched Flowershas become the new anti-patan anthem along with Shakira’s single, Bzrp Music Sessions Vol. 53. The former Disney star makes no mention of her ex, however the song’s lyrics and video are full of references to her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. In one verse, for example, Cyrus refers to the … Read more

Channing Tatum refused seven times “GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” – CinéSéries

For several years, Channing Tatum has not hidden his aversion to “GI Joe: The Awakening of Cobra”. The actor did everything not to appear in Stephen Sommers’ blockbuster, but was forced to participate for contractual reasons. The comeback Channing Tatum Extremely prolific during the previous decade since he has shot in 25 feature films between … Read more

‘All the times we fell in love’: Netflix’s romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day

All the times we fell in love Netflixs romantic comedy

The beginnings of a career in audiovisuals are always decisive in the development of new projects. The experience and creative style begin to be forged from the first works and, in the case of Carlos Montero (The mess you leave), a screenwriter who has been able to contribute to projects as diverse as The commissioner, … Read more

Foo Fighters and the song that could have marked the end of the band: this is how “Times Like These” was born

Foo Fighters and the song that could have marked the

If you are a fan of foo fightersit is almost impossible that you do not know “Times Like These”, one of his most celebrated hymns both in its electric version and in its later and wonderful acoustic interpretation. What you may not know is that, during the song’s bill, the band came really close to … Read more