The Night of Music: Day, times and venues of the 2022 edition

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This Saturday, September 24, a new edition of the Night of Music will be held In Buenos Aires city. The event will offer free and discounted tickets in different spaces and in more than 40 music venues, with live shows and festivals in a day dedicated to all musical genres. The proposal, which is organized … Read more

Ryan Reynolds and the times he has shown that he loves being a father

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Ryan Reynolds has formed one of the most admired couples with Blake Lively, after marrying in 2012 and welcoming their three daughters James (7), Inez (5) and Betty (2), Now they are expecting their fourth baby and apparently they are also looking to be one of the largest families in Hollywood. The felt the humor … Read more

The four times that Almodóvar almost filmed in English

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Pedro Almodovar believes that is not ready to tackle “such a monumental production in English” as Manual for cleaning women, sources from his production company El Deseo reported yesterday to EL PAÍS. With two Oscars in his office and two medium-length films shot in English, the human voice (2020) and the western strange way of … Read more

Live Latin 2022 | Dates, times, lineup of artists and program of the festival in Zaragoza

Live Latin 2022 Dates times lineup of artists and

Zaragoza becomes in the month of September one of the epicenters of the world of music. The Aragonese city hosts the Vive Latino festival, one of the most prestigious. Several of the most prominent artists on the national scene will make an appearance in one of the most traditional locations in our country. Amaral, Leiva, … Read more

Josep Lluís Galiana and Josu de Solaun present their album ‘First times’ in concert

Josep Lluís Galiana and Josu de Solaun © Capicúa DG 0.0006116 Josep Lluis Galiana Y Joshua of Solaun they presented their album first times [Primeras veces], edited by the Liquen Records label, at the AIE Artists’ Society Auditorium, last Thursday, September 8. At the event, the saxophonist and the pianist were accompanied by … Read more

Angelina Jolie or Billy Bob Thornton: Who has been married more times? – Start

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ads Hollywood has its fair share of unusual exes. Consider the pair of Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, who engaged in bizarre antics both while dating and after their split. And each was married both before and after their divorce. With 20 years difference in their ages, it’s easy to see why Thornton has … Read more

Game of Thrones: Survivor, Emilia Clarke confides in the times she almost died

Game of Thrones Survivor Emilia Clarke confides in the times

The star of Game Of Thrones Emilia Clarke is a true survivor. During an interview with the BBC English, she confides in two tragic episodes that occurred when she was younger, which almost cost him his life. A battered actress Revealed in the HBO series Game Of Thrones airing from April 2011 to May 2019, … Read more

Tomorrowland 2022 | Dates, times, lineup of artists, prices and festival schedule

Tomorrowland 2022 Dates times lineup of artists prices and

Belgium is once again the center of the international scene for another year. The European country hosts a new edition of one of the largest music festivals on the planet, tomorrowland. For three weekends, this event will host the performances of the biggest DJs in the world or the references of electronic music. On this … Read more

Cultural Chronicle – Music to breathe: The Bolivian concert initiative in times of pandemic

First modification: 06/28/2022 – 16:36 The Covid-19 pandemic left many consequences for the cultural world, such as the cancellation of countless concerts, but not everything was bad during the health crisis. This situation generated new ideas to approach art such as the “Music to breathe” project of the Bolivian Society of Chamber Music. “Music to … Read more

Point Break: Patrick Swayze almost died multiple times during filming

Point Break Patrick Swayze almost died multiple times during filming

During the filming of “Point Break: Extreme Limit”, Patrick Swayze wanted to perform as many stunts as possible, ignoring the reluctance of production and insurance companies. The comedian broke several ribs and almost died multiple times while taking “breaking waves from hell”. point break : surfing is the source Conquered by the masterful At the … Read more