“Everything everywhere at the same time”: a wild movie that promises to blow your mind

A Chinese immigrant, in the middle of an IRS investigation, finds herself involved in a wild adventure in which only she can save the world by exploring other universes. (A24) The new movie of the self-proclaimed as the daniels, Everything everywhere at the same time (Everything Everywhere All at Once), is causing a giant furor … Read more

Arrives on Netflix “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Tarantino’s film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, the Quentin Tarantino movie arrives on Netflix. Report by Santiago Garcia. When Quentin Tarantino he had directed only two films (Reservoir Dogs Y pulp fiction) books were already written about him. He was born a legend and has remained so for his fans. The intensity of a career that … Read more

52 years since Queen’s first time on stage, tonight at RockFM Motel

It was at the Truro City Hall in Cornwall and they have just formed as a band, so much so that the place was reserved in the name of Smilethe previous band, before it broke Freddie Mercury in the lives of Brian May, Roger Taylor and the bass player Mike Grose. That day the spark … Read more

This was the time that Professor Jirafales from “El Chavo del 8” was discriminated against in real life

The character of Professor Jirafales interpreted by Ruben Aguirre was one of the most emblematic in the series of The Chavo of 8. With his airs of superiority within the neighborhood and his seductive techniques with Doña Florinda, he managed to win the affection of the public through the years in which he recorded the … Read more

Movie success! The 10 highest-grossing movies of all time

Social problems, relations between humans and Na’vi and greed are some of the plots of a film that became the highest grossing in history. Where to see? Disney+ Collection: $2,847,246,203 Watch Avatar on Disney Plus 2. Avengers: Endgame (2019) Marvel has been synonymous with success for years and we translate that into box office receipts. … Read more

The Sistine Chapel and the Tbilisi Choir together in concert for the first time – Vatican News

The appointment is June 26 at 6:00 p.m. The program also includes pieces composed by Patriarch Catholicos of all Georgia Ilia II. The Patriarchal Choir of the Holy Trinity Cathedral in Tblisi will also sing liturgical hymns on June 29, on the occasion of the Solemnity Mass of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in … Read more

The HBO comedy that is sweeping: it’s been a long time since we laughed so much

In a streaming service who drives as many franchises as HBO isit seems difficult that the number one movies, in terms of viewing level, do not belong to sagas like Harry Potter, Batman, Matrix either The Lord of the rings. That’s why, the HBO comedy that is sweeping surprises among the leaders of the platform … Read more

The attack on Lightyear does not stop and continues to generate outrage, this time from youtuber Dross

Just a few days ago it hit theaters Lightyearthe new animated film Disney Y pixar. It is the spin-off of toy story centered on the character of Buzz Lightyear. In this case, the story does not focus on the iconic toy astronaut, but on the real astronaut who inspired the action figure that Andy receives … Read more

From the courts to the stage: Johnny Depp announces tour with his band Hollywood Vampires (the concerts and his time in Europe)

The band published the poster for this series of concerts on their social networks to inform their followers that the Hollywood Vampires “are back” to the stage after canceling a tour in March due to the pandemic. On this occasion, they will visit the German cities of Oberhausen (June 20), Munich (June 24), Hamburg (June … Read more