Goodbye to ‘The Godfather’ and ‘Parasites’. This is now the best movie of all time, according to moviegoers around the world.

1668712391 Goodbye to The Godfather and Parasites This is now the

It is not easy to determine which is the best movie of all time, but there are some rankings that have been created by different internet audiences that can vote in specialized applications. Now, the top of some of these lists now has a new 1, and has displaced both ‘The Godfather‘ like ‘parasites‘. A … Read more

Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield explains why it was essential that he play Peter Parker one last time

Spider Man Andrew Garfield explains why it was essential that he

Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland : they are three actors to have donned the costume of Spiderman over the past twenty years. Until then, only the second has not played in a trilogy, the franchise of which he was the headliner having stopped after only two parts. A brutal cut from the adventures of … Read more

Neither ‘The Godfather’ nor ‘Parasites’: This is the best movie of all time right now and you can watch it for free at home

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The list of one of the social networks most used by moviegoers has placed this war drama from the 80s in number one position. Moviegoers around the world tap into the opinions of other moviegoers to find different recommendations. Over time, the social network letterboxd it has become the best resource for sharing reactions and … Read more

Aaron Paul’s complaint on the Breaking Bad set at the time of recording with Bryan Cranston

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Breaking Bad culminated almost a decade ago on AMC and considered by many to be the best crime drama of all time, no one would have imagined that Walter White’s pants that appeared in the first episode sent a message to what would be Aaron’s relationship Paul with Bryan Cranston behind the scenes. November 16, … Read more

Netflix’s “1899”: Can the creators of “Dark” repeat the success, but without time travel?

Netflixs 1899 Can the creators of Dark repeat the success

Before time and space travel became the allies of adventure fiction, the greatest human deeds (and infamies) were set at sea. “Treasure Island”, the Sandokan saga and even the melancholic “Moby Dick” had in common that which is deep, mysterious and dangerous. “1899” of Netflix he wants to recover that feeling of discovery, but in … Read more

Argentine Film Survey 2022: “La ciénaga”, chosen as the best national film of all time

Argentine Film Survey 2022 La cienaga chosen as the best

Scene from “The Swamp” The swamp (2001), from Lucrecia Martelwas chosen as the best Argentine film in a survey in which more than 540 cultural personalities voted, which included beyond directors and others directly related to the world of cinema, writers, cultural journalists and musicians, among others. In total, 100 films from all eras were … Read more

Audiences: Who from Karine Le Marchand, Philippe Bas or Isabelle Adjani won the match in prime time?

Audiences Who from Karine Le Marchand Philippe Bas or Isabelle

The audience match was won by M6 in prime time on Monday evening with the penultimate evening devoted to “Love is in the meadow”. According to Médiamétrie, the first part of the assessment of the program led by Karine Le Marchand was able to count on 4.39 million followers in front of its first part … Read more

Bad Bunny’s fever in Lima: Young people tell the time with ventures for the ‘Bad Rabbit’ concert

Bad Bunnys fever in Lima Young people tell the time

Young Peruvians focused their businesses on the fever for Bad Bunny in Lima. The creativity of Peruvians has no limits. Now what bad bunny will be presented in Lima this Sunday, November 13 and Monday, November 14, dozens of young people have managed to sell products or services related to the ‘Bad bunny.’ All these … Read more

Joaquín Furriel: “Argentines have a hard time laughing at the crack”

Joaquin Furriel Argentines have a hard time laughing at the

“In Spain it would not have been possible to make a fiction like this. There is no such option directly. From Madrid, Joaquin Furriel talk about world robbery, the series that stars and has just premiered the Star+ streaming platform, with a perspective that allows it to fundamentally analyze the reality that audiovisual production is … Read more

“There are no more movie stars”: Jennifer Aniston misses the past and the time when there were no social networks

There are no more movie stars Jennifer Aniston misses the

A few decades have passed since a pizpireta Jennifer Aniston dance in a fountain with his friends to the rhythm of The Rembrandts. Along the way there have been painful separations, movies, series and the current perception that at 53 he has a mix of homesickness, bad blood and no mince on his tongue. The … Read more