Imagine Dragons: How much would tickets for your concert cost?

Imagine Dragons How much would tickets for your concert cost

After releasing their sixth studio album, ‘Mercury – Act 2’, Imagine Dragons started his new tour ‘Mercury Tour’. In two weeks, the pop rock band will arrive in South America to perform in countries like Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Argentina. Although they have not confirmed their arrival in Peru, here we will tell you how … Read more

How to get concert and theater tickets with up to 90% discount

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

The Argentine Association of Theatrical and Musical Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs (AADET) will offer two 60% or 90% discount vouchers per person at $200 each to purchase tickets for theater plays and concerts for every week of October. Every Tuesday in October from 13 to 19 in Tickets Buenos Aires (Diagonal Norte and Cerrito) will be … Read more

Tickets for the Great Concerts season are now on sale at the Auditorium

Tickets for the Great Concerts season are now on sale

The Saragossa Auditorium puts on sale this Monday its mid-season tickets for the cycle of Great Concerts 2022-2023. The half-subscription modality contemplates the possibility of choosing between two options: the first 8 concerts of the season (from November to February) or the last 9 (from February to June). Depending on the area and modality of … Read more

Tickets for Olga Tañón’s concert at the Poliedro de Caracas are sold out

Tickets for Olga Tanons concert at the Poliedro de Caracas

Photo: Archive The Puerto Rican artist Olga Tañón expressed her gratitude to the Venezuelan public this Friday afternoon upon learning that the tickets for the concert that she will offer this Saturday, October 1, at the Poliedro de Caracas, were sold out. “Thank you Venezuela! We are sold out. Ticket offices completely sold out. Tomorrow … Read more

Ricardo Arjona concert in Ecuador: you can only access with physical tickets, learn how to redeem your virtual ticket | Music | Entertainment

Ricardo Arjona concert in Ecuador you can only access with

The tour black and white of Ricardo Arjona will arrive at Ecuador this weekend. The Guatemalan singer-songwriter will sing first in Quito this Friday, September 30 and then it will do the same in Guayaquil, on Saturday, October 1. Arjona’s concert in Quito will take place at the stadium Olympic Atahualpa (December 6th Avenue and … Read more

Cinema tickets at 3.50 euros: get your pass for the 2022 Film Festival

Cinema tickets at 350 euros get your pass for the

Like every year as usual, the Film Festival returns once again so that movie lovers or those who want to spend an afternoon with family or friends can enjoy any movie for just 3.50 euros during the days October 3, 4, 5 and 6. Unfortunately, the same price remains, for the back it was to … Read more

The Daddy Yankee concert in Ecuador can only be accessed with physical tickets; learn how to redeem his ticket in Guayaquil | Music | Entertainment

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In order to “guarantee a better organization for the entrance to the concert” of Daddy Yankee, digital tickets will be exchanged for hard (physical) tickets. This was announced, days before the concert, Central Tickets, company in charge of selling tickets in Guayaquil. Daddy Yankee wants to try typical food during his visit to Ecuador; ticket … Read more

Colombian revealed how to get cheap tickets for any concert: an Elton John ticket for 3 dollars

Colombian revealed how to get cheap tickets for any concert

In the last month he attended about 7 concerts. Photo: Diana Lara In Colombia, the lifting of restrictions on mass gatherings allowed the entertainment sector to move all the stages in the country, the same thing that happened all over the world. The rise of concerts in the country has become a kind of cult, … Read more

Coldplay in Lima: they denounce that resellers defraud fans with false tickets

Coldplay in Lima they denounce that resellers defraud fans with

Coldplay fans were unable to enter the National Stadium. (Tik Tok) Dozens of fans came to the outskirts of the National Stadium with the illusion of buying tickets for the first date of the concert of Coldplay in Lima. Unfortunately, the resellers did their thing and, in addition to doubling the price of the tickets, … Read more

Reporter from ‘Arriba Mi Gente’ apologized to his girlfriend live for not getting tickets for Coldplay

Reporter from Arriba Mi Gente apologized to his girlfriend live

Latina reporter apologizes live to his girlfriend for not getting tickets to Coldplay. (Facebook) the concert of Coldplay is one of the most anticipated of the year and since its arrival in Peru was announced as part of its international tour ‘Music of the Spheres World Tour’, fans did not hesitate to save every penny … Read more