Pat Metheny exhibits his thousand faces in Barcelona two and a half years late

Pat Metheny.PRADIP J. PHANSE On Tuesday night, the lobby of the Palau de la Música was a boiling swarm. The desire to see Pat Metheny again they were noticeable in the excited atmosphere. It was not for less. First, because Barcelona has always been a shamelessly favorable place for the guitarist from Missouri. And in … Read more

The thousand years of the church in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, an event dear to the priest Abinader

The Saint Jean-Baptiste church has benefited from a titanic renovation program. François Abinader has started packing. In two months, the priest of the parish ensemble of Bagnols will give his farewell mass. After twelve years spent in the Rhone Gard, the man of the Church is leaving for Milhaud. “It is customary to change parishes, … Read more

Luis Miguel: the actress with whom he became obsessed and paid 80 thousand dollars to meet her

Luis Miguel, one of the most important artists and conveners in Mexico throughout history, has not been characterized by skimping on expenses or by having a thrifty profile precisely. Without going any further, throughout the production of “Luis Miguel: the series”, a sensational success on Netflix, this profile has been reviewed and reinforced, showing him … Read more

George Miller casts Idris Elba in an epic fantasy with Three Thousand Years of Longing

It’s been a long time since George Miller He surprised the fans with a great staging. It was in 2015, with the premiere of Mad Max: Fury Roadwhen the director unfolded an impressive race through the desert in search of revenge and the fight for freedom, in a world devastated by man. Now George Miller … Read more

Envy a thousand: Friends organize a surprise party with the theme of ‘SpongeBob’

Friends are friends forever and ever, through thick and thin… If something has made us clear TikTok is that love does exist and also, those friends who throw surprise parties. The most recent test was given to us by the girl who had a SpongeBob-themed party thrown for her. was the user @isabelmilarie who, through … Read more

More than 600 thousand fans enjoyed the BTS concerts in Las Vegas

BTS provided four concert dates in Las Vegas, titled “Permission to dance on stage”, at Allegiant Stadium, following the epic return to live shows in Los Angeles and Seoul. Find out more about the new record here the seven idols of south korea reached with the number of people who were able to see “PTD … Read more

Steve Aoki at the San Marcos Fair: pastelazos, 200 thousand attendees and a special guest

This was Steve Aoki’s concert at the San Marcos Fair, in Aguascalientes The opening show of San Marcos Fair 2022 was in charge of Steve Aoki and it took place at minute zero of this April 16. It should be noted that this cultural event in the state of Aguascalientes It had been postponed for … Read more

Young woman was swindled out of 11 thousand pesos by resellers at the Coldplay concert

Young woman was swindled out of 11 thousand pesos by resellers at the Coldplay concert | Photo: TikTok video capture via @ briandarivera1 and Getty Images “They just scammed me with some $11,200 pesos tickets, but I hope they solve me, friends,” TikTok user Brianda Rivera mentioned in a video posted on April 4, the … Read more

The film that will break your heart into a thousand pieces is available at the Cineteca Nacional | TRAILER

People tend to wonder more about new trends or themes of their interest regarding cinema, as happens with certain genres and productions acclaimed and expected by the public. Under this scenario, we bring you a new recommendation to see in the National Cinematheque in Mexico Citya place where you can find a wide variety of … Read more

What to see of William Hurt: the best streaming movies to remember the thousand faces of an immense actor

The death of William Hurt has meant goodbye to one of the great faces of adult cinema of the eighties, although his career has been full of great roles until the end. Without going any further, just a year ago we could see him embody Thunderbolt Ross for the last time in ‘black widow‘. As a sample of his multifaceted filmography, we compile seven great roles that are very different from each other (tender men, evil, controlling, cornered…) with which to honor him from home.

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