Review of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ with Chris Hemsworth

Review of Thor Love and Thunder with Chris Hemsworth

The last complete Thor movie was the baroque Thor: Ragnarök 2017, in which the God of Thunder faced conflicts with his brothers, the imminent destruction of his planet, an alcoholic partner, a huge dog, his friend Hulk having a panic attack and the death of his father. In this image provided by Marvel Studios Chris … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder insults the victims of Thanos

Thor Love and Thunder insults the victims of Thanos

An easter egg from Thor: Love and Thunder connects directly with Thanos’ snap and pokes fun at the victims of genocide. In a behind-the-scenes look at the set of Thor: Love and Thunder (via Entertainment Tonight), director Taika Waititi has revealed one of the many shops that make up the New Asgard theme park. The … Read more

Natalie Portman stumbled at the premiere of ‘Thor’: her funny reaction stole the cameras

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In the latest installment of the god-turned-superhero, Natalie Portman took center stageboth for the evolution of his character and for the physical transformation he underwent to play Mighty Thor. Naturally, this role turned the spotlight on the actress in real life. This is how the cameras caught a recent slip of the star. Natalie Portman … Read more

When is ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ released? Duration time and what time does it leave in Mexico

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After the premieres of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’, ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’ and ‘Moon Knight’, the popular film studio is close to releasing ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘. Find out when the premiere of the film will be Mexico and all the details of the new delivery of the ‘God of Thunder’ in the following … Read more

Reviews: Review of “Thor: Love and Thunder”, by Taika Waititi, with Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale

Reviews Review of Thor Love and Thunder by Taika Waititi

The Thor saga returns with a fourth installment (the second in a row directed by Waititi) which, beyond the visual display typical of a tank With a budget of 250 million dollars and some tragic issues, it almost always opts for a tone of light comedy of tangles and a self-parodic spirit. Thor: Love and … Read more

Thor: Love and Thunder: what the first reviews say about the new God of Thunder

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the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder will be given in a matter of days and while the fans wait, the first reviews by the specialized press. Of all the MCU Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is the only original avenger which is still on the way, he even holds the record for having the most solo … Read more

Harry Potter puts Marvel and Thor: Love & Thunder in a bind that only Christian Bale can fix

Harry Potter puts Marvel and Thor Love Thunder in

The god of thunder Marvel returns to theaters this summer ready to surprise us again with Thor: Love & Thundera film that is again directed by Taika Waititiwhich brings back the Jane Foster of Natalie Portman and that incorporates new faces to the Disney superheroic universe such as Christian balewho comes to the franchise to … Read more

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: the best film of Phase 4 multiplies the electric humor, the personality and the epic of ‘Ragnarok’

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If you do not like me ‘Thor: Ragnarök’ you will not like it ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’. Really. Save the entrance and the angerbecause you know perfectly well what you are going for: direct it Taika Waititi, has the same tone multiplied by two, more humour, more colors and more epic. But if you are … Read more

“Thor: Love and Thunder”, does it have post-credits scenes?

Thor Love and Thunder does it have post credits scenes

In the next few days, a new Marvel movie will be released and fans of the franchise are delighted with the news. Directed by Taika Waititi Thor: Love and Thunder” is the next film to be released in theaters and which will bring Natalie Portman, Chris HemsworthTessa Thompson and Christian Bale in the lead roles. … Read more

Tessa Thompson on Valkyrie in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: “She is a queer character and will be queen, not king, of Asgard”

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Tessa Thompsonactress who gives life to Valkyrie in “Thor: Love and Thunder”told details of his character, but delved into why he receives the title of “King of New Asgard” and not queen. The actress said that she will assume this title because it is a sign that women can have the roles of men. “At … Read more