Behind the scenes: the escape from Paris of a thief and his American girlfriend that changed the history of cinema

Behind the scenes the escape from Paris of a thief

>THE NATION>shows>Cinema November 8, 202208:51 He is tired, in love, and decides to stop running away. But she doubts his love. Nothing would happen if he were not a criminal hunted for the murder of a policeman and she, a captivating but evanescent young American. And the story would be ordinary, almost trivial, if it … Read more

The Robber of the Century thief who signs autographs, has famous fans and wants to get into Big Brother VIP

1667827604 The Robber of the Century thief who signs autographs has

Luis Mario Vitette Sellanes, would you go to Big Brother Spain? The confinement would not affect him, but being distanced from his wife and young son. He was a thief who studied in the underworld, but was transformed – almost unexpectedly – to avoid going back to jail, start a family, retire from crime and … Read more

Did you lose your iPhone with Dua Lipa? Dan with alleged thief

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

YouGov It measured the feeling surrounding events of all kinds in various venues such as movie theaters or auditoriums. If we look at the case of the alleged smartphone thief at the Dua Lipa concert, in some smaller venues protocols are implemented when a smartphone is reported stolen or lost. There is a significant lag … Read more

Rock group Big Thief cancels “Israel” concerts

Following a wave of boycott pressure, an American indie rock group has canceled its upcoming concerts in Tel Aviv Rock group Big Thief cancels “Israel” concerts. Indie rock group Big Thief has canceled two performances in Tel Aviv, marking the latest victory for the Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement. Big Thief, a four-piece … Read more

Lady Gaga’s dog thief released by mistake

Lady Gagas dog thief released by mistake

PostedApril 11, 2022, 3:13 p.m. The man who had shot a friend of the singer during the kidnapping was released following a big blunder. Since then, he has been actively sought after. Lady Gaga loves French bulldogs, dogs that are very expensive. instagram In February 2021, while Lady Gaga was in Italy filming “House of … Read more

Ryan Coogler, director of ‘Black Panther’, was mistaken for a thief

Ryan Coogler director of Black Panther was mistaken for a

They prepare a sequel to “Black Panther” 0:49 (CNN) — Ryan Coogler was arrested by police in January after being mistaken for a bank robber. Director of “Black Panther“He was in Atlanta, trying to withdraw $12,000 from his Bank of America account. The teller received an alert on his account, according to the police report … Read more

GOLDEN HOLD: Pierce Brosnan, the classiest thief in the world | myCANAL

GOLDEN HOLD Pierce Brosnan the classiest thief in the world

Job by Cinema Canal December 27, 2021 Almost twenty years after hanging up the James Bond costume, the Irish actor has lost none of his natural elegance and devastating humor. He proves it once again with BRAQUAGE EN OR, a heist film directed by Renny Harlin, an action blockbuster specialist. Redistribution of wealth Richard Pace … Read more

IN VIDEO: Are ‘Jackie Chan’ in fashion? With a tremendous ‘flying’ kick they got off a thief

IN VIDEO Are Jackie Chan in fashion With a tremendous

In Cucuta, the moment in which an alleged thief received a tremendous beating from the person he apparently wanted to rob was recorded on video. Although it is unknown for sure when the events occurred, media in the city of Cúcuta have spread the video on social networks in which the ‘ninyazo’ that the alleged … Read more