What is Dolby Atmos: the sound technology that promises to revolutionize the way you listen to music – La Tercera

What is Dolby Atmos the sound technology that promises to

If you are a die-hard fan of the musicit is highly likely that you are always looking for new methods to enjoy of the songs of your favorite artists. Whether it’s trying out different headphones, looking for new settings on your speakers, or researching about what is the platform of streaming that best suits your … Read more

The exciting presentation of a teenager on American Idol after the death of his father – La Tercera

The exciting presentation of a teenager on American Idol after

He lost his father Rodney Tongi only a few months ago, but he says he can still hear him harmonizing with him when he sings. This is how the story of the musician Iam Tongi could be summed up, who in just over a month accumulates almost fourteen million views in his presentation on the … Read more

Madonna comes to Chile in 2024 – La Tercera

Madonna comes to Chile in 2024 La Tercera

Madonna is celebrating. One of the most decisive artists of the 20th century announced in January a tour that will have her commemorating 40 years of experience: this is the tour appropriately named Celebration and that will try to cover almost the entirety of her catalogue, taking as a starting point that 1983 self-titled debut … Read more

Christina Rosenvinge: “Me preocupa que no haya más mujeres como Carla Morrison o Julieta Venegas, mujeres que sean sobre todo cerebro y talento” – La Tercera

Christina Rosenvinge Me preocupa que no haya mas mujeres como

Christina nos habla a través de la webcam y es casi como si viéramos a la Christina que conocimos, allá en los albores de los noventa. No tanto porque estemos hablando de un disco que grabó en 1992, como por la naturalidad y transparencia de un carácter alegre y vital que parece veinteañero. Christina es … Read more

“Only Murders in the Building”: Meryl Streep en el primer adelanto de la tercera temporada

Only Murders in the Building Meryl Streep en el primer

La tercera temporada de la serie se centra en un nuevo caso de asesinato y los tres podcasters regresan como investigadores. (Star Plus) Suscríbete a Star+, haz clic aquí Te puede interesar: Keira Knightley y Carrie Coon a solas con Infobae por el estreno de “El estrangulador de Boston” La nueva temporada de Only Murders … Read more

Everything we know about the new season of The Mandolorian – La Tercera

Everything we know about the new season of The Mandolorian

Two and a half years after its second season, Disney+ is preparing one of the most anticipated premieres for this 2023, The Mandolarian. The series starring Peter Pascal return with the story and outcome of Boba Fett’s book. Accompanied by Grogu, the protagonist returns to the planet Mandalore in order to restore his honor and … Read more

Miley Cyrus’ commitment to self-love (and dedications to her ex) – La Tercera

Miley Cyrus commitment to self love and dedications to her

No one was indifferent to what Miley Cyrus was in 2013 and 2014. The former Disney girl dominated the music industry with songs like We Can’t Stop Y Wrecking Ball, the latter dedicated to her recent ex at the time, Liam Hemsworth. The same formula seems to be using the former Disney girl with her … Read more

The tragic life of Lisa Marie Presley: drugs, the suicide of a son and four failed marriages – La Tercera

The tragic life of Lisa Marie Presley drugs the suicide

During this Thursday’s day, the family of Lisa Marie Presleythe only daughter of the king of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presleyconfirmed that He died at the age of 54 in a Los Angeles hospital.California, after suffering a heart attack. Your death not only caused a stir in the world of show because she was the direct descendant … Read more

Dracula: 30 years of the count in the hands of Francis Ford Coppola – La Tercera

Dracula 30 years of the count in the hands of

It was the time when he spent his free time participating in summer camps. Summer instances that did not have a merely recreational focus, but were aimed at children and adolescents with a special interest in acting. As a lover of dramaturgy, the Francis Ford Coppola of the mid-50s exercised the tasks of a guide … Read more