Daniel Ortega’s regime ordered a Catholic television signal to be removed from the cable programming grid

The Nicaraguan regime censored a Catholic channel (EmilianoCHM69) The Nicaraguan regime ordered the channel to be removed from the Telecable programming grid TV Mercy, Catholic sign of the Diocese of Matagalpa. The dictatorship of Daniel Ortega made the decision and executed it through the Nicaraguan Institute of Telecommunications (Telcor). “Today, the day of Perpetual Help, … Read more

Miguel Cedeño, presenter of the TC Television program ‘De boca en boca’, passed away | People | Entertainment

“God, the glory is yours! ❤️ Back to @debocaenbocatc it was the best. I will soon be healed, if his will allows it! I’m counting on you!” reads the last post from the communicator’s Instagram account Miguel Cedeno. The presenter from Guayaquil, who in May of this year had finished his chemotherapy process and began … Read more

More than 3 million viewers: why Jagger’s fight against Bustamante puts traditional television to shame

Between boxing, cultural contests, ‘first dates’ and the future ‘grand prix’the truth is that the self-proclaimed “new entertainment” looks a lot like the old entertainment. But it is undeniable that it works in a younger segment of the population: proof of this is the 2.4 million viewers on average what has he had Ibai in … Read more

This is what Alba Flores looked like in her first television success

dawn flowers surprised the audience with two characters. One of them was Saray Vargas de Jesús, whom she played in the successful television series Vis to Vis. With this character she conquered the public around the world, but it was Nairobi that brought her to the top of fame. This character was part of the … Read more

The derisory sum of money that Cristian Castro will receive for his participation in television

Argentine television seems ready to make waves at the continental level with a new program that will premiere on the screen of Channel 13. With the popular Argentine host Marcelo Tinelli at the helm, Channel 13 has everything ready for the premiere of his new musical reality show “Sing me now”, a format of its … Read more

Kevin Costner wants to revolutionize cinema with a mix of epic western, Marvel and television: it promises to be the perfect movie for fans of ‘Yellowstone’

Kevin Costner will start shooting this year ‘Horizon’his first feature film as a director since 2003, the year of the premiere of ‘open-range’. Furthermore, the protagonist of ‘Yellowstone’ is determined to revolutionize the world of cinema with this epic westernbut the most curious thing is that for this he is going to use a strategy … Read more

What Muna Cherri said in her first television interview: “I would like to do…”

Thursday, June 23, 2022 19:00 What is inherited is not stolen says an old popular saying about children who follow in the same footsteps as their parents. Especially if there is a talent involved, it is something that is carried within each individual and that is reflected in society. Related news In this opportunity, the … Read more

In Pride Month, Maduro made a homophobic comment on television

Maduro made a homophobic comment on the air Nicolás Maduro again made a homophobic comment on the air, this time in Pride month, weeks in which the world’s LGBT+ communities come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselveswhile making visible the problems they face on a daily basis. “Take advantage and put on a … Read more

Nine years after the death of James Gandolfini, the Tony Soprano of television who departed very soon

Critics called Tony Soprano one of the greatest television characters of all time. Photo: Matthew Peyton/Getty Images On June 19, 2013, James Gandolfinithe actor best known for his role as New Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano on the television series “The Sopranos,” which premiered in 1999 and ran for six seasons, has died at the … Read more

Philip Baker Hall, star of countless film and television hits, dies

The week begins in the saddest way, since it was learned that the actor Philip Baker Hall had passed away. The star who was part of countless successes in series and movies, died at age 90. The causes of death have not been revealed at this time. Phillip was born on September 10, 1931, in … Read more