Guerrero Ayala, legend of Televisa, strikes down Álvaro Morales

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 10.16.2022 10:42:23 In today’s sports television there is a new stream of characters who like to attract attention “whatever” and that has not gone down too well with the doyens of journalism, who They call Álvaro Morales “ridiculous”the presenter of ESPN who never tires of being the center of attention … Read more

Gabriel and Irina deny it, but Televisa producer confirms their breakup: he left them in evidence

Rumors about a break between Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva after an infidelity on her part with a Hollywood actor continue to sound louder and louder. And it is that, Although both have denied it, and have assured that they are still together and in love and that they are going to get married, the … Read more

Do you remember Pepe Suarez? He returned to Televisa after 16 years and this is what he looks like

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

Surely you remember him from some soap operas and comedy and variety shows like Se Vale, Vida TV El Show, El Teatro de la Risa and Humor es los comedians, but Pepe Suárez left Mexico for almost 20 years and now he is back. About to turn 56, he was interviewed by Maxine Woodside while … Read more

Verónica Castro and the day the owner of Televisa called her pend**ja

The outstanding actress recalled her relationship with Emilio Azcárraga in an interview with Ventaneando. The program windowing has been airing a series of exclusive interviews that Veronica Castro offered him from his luxurious mansion in Acapulco. In one of them, today’s leading actress recalled the day she was called “pend * ja” by Emilio Azcárraga … Read more

After leaving Televisa and becoming a widower, a well-known soap opera heartthrob becomes a woman; this she says about it

Mexico City.- After having left Televisa and continue your career Aztec TV and of Telemundothe well-known heartthrob of novels, cinema and theater, Humberto Zuritajust recently become a woman due to a very powerful motivesame of which talked about it in a recent interview for the media, leaving his millions of followers very surprised with this … Read more

After retiring from Televisa and going blind, actress returns and begs for work

After retiring from Televisa and going blind, actress returns and begs for work A well-known first actress who has been retired from Televisa he has appeared before the media using a wheelchair and having difficulty seeing. It’s about the actress Rosita Pelayo who had to put an end to his problem in acting due to … Read more

It confirms what many believed was how the Televisa catalog worked

Televisa August 21, 2022 10:03 a.m. Televisa’s catalog is one of the “open secrets” that has tormented and tarnished the image of the famous television network. Kate del Castillo revealed her existence and other celebrities gave details of how it worked, but little did they know that Raúl Velasco was also involved. Raúl Velasco was … Read more

Shine with Adela Noriega. She was one of the most beautiful on Televisa, and now she sells at the tianguis

Adela Noriega August 20, 2022 11:43 a.m. Nailea Norvind stood out in the world of spotlights and cameras for her great talent in novels such as: “Quinceañera” with Adela Noriega and Thalía“Gypsy love”, “Hug me very tight”, “Friends and rivals” among others are some of the titles by which the actress is remembered. The artist … Read more

Would you seek the dismissal of a famous actor? Cuban actress would demand justice from Televisa

Livia Brito would influence the dismissal of an actor after humiliating her | Instagram The health problems of a famous actor have now increased after allegedly, the actress of TV, Livia Britodid not sit idly by and get him banned from Televisa. A couple of criticisms would have cost him his career. Carlos Bonavides after … Read more

After coming out of the closet, former Televisa gallant reveals that his career ended because of this

Miami Florida.- After several years of having left television and having been out of the closetthe famous and renowned former gallant of Televisa and stylist, Mauricio Mejiahe gave an interview to People in spanishwhere he revealed that for that reason was that he had to say goodbye from his work at said television station, for … Read more