Get ready to see what Salma Hayek looked like in Teresa, one of her first telenovelas

Mexican actress, businesswoman, producer and model. Those roles, and many more, have Salma Hayekthe artist who showed the best of her talent in her native country to later rise to the top of Hollywood. With your work, effort and, why not, singular beauty, Salma Hayek She conquered the great film producers who did not hesitate … Read more

Get to know the schedule of “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai”, “Soñar Conti” and other Turkish telenovelas on Telefe

Get to know the schedule of Fugitiva Zuleyha Hercai Sonar

Currently, Telefe’s programming has a wide variety of turkish soap operas, which are acclaimed by their viewers thanks to their stories, their characters and the great interpretive work of their famous actors. In this way, “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Soñar Conti” are just some of the productions that have become the favorites of their audience. … Read more

“Fugitive”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Soñar con tú”: schedule of the week for Turkish telenovelas on Telefe

1650323269 Fugitive Zuleyha Hercai and Sonar con tu schedule of the

Turkish soap operas have become in recent years true freaks, even outside their country of origin. Argentina is one of the countries that has received with open arms and very successfully to these television productions. A) Yes, the audience can enjoy fictions such as “Hercai”, “Fugitiva” or the famous “Züleyha” (also known as “Tierra amarga”). … Read more

Wake up America loses another talent? Dear driver would go to Mexico to make TELENOVELAS

Wake up America loses another talent Dear driver would go

One of the favorite and most popular Spanish-speaking programs is the morning “Wake up America”, which has given something to talk about in recent days due to possible layoffs. Although new drivers have joined the program, now comes to light the possible way out of a member, because according to the media “The opinion“, the … Read more

Giselle González, producer of TelevisaUnivision, prepares her return to telenovelas

Giselle Gonzalez producer of TelevisaUnivision prepares her return to telenovelas

The telenovela genre is the favorite of the Latin audience of TelevisaUnivision and Giselle Gonzalez is one of the most popular producers. Giselle has been the producer of hits such as “Yo No Creo En Los Hombres (2014)”, “La Candidata (2016)”, “Caer en Tentación (2017)”, “Cuna de Lobos (2019)” and “Empire of Lies (2020)”. Giselle’s … Read more

Are the leading men of telenovelas over? The new generation is getting further away from the melodrama

1646486289 Are the leading men of telenovelas over The new generation

David Zepeda and Gabriel Soto are currently the stars of the two primetime telenovelas on the Televisa Univision network. It is expected that another one with Sebastián Rulli will be released no later than April. Andrés Palacio and José Ron are recording others that are not yet on the air. In the words of many … Read more

Spanish streaming series take the world by storm thanks to their grandmothers, telenovelas

Spanish streaming series take the world by storm thanks to

The popularity of series in Spanish on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and PantaYA, among others, is a phenomenon that has been simmering. If it were bread, it could be described as the product of a sourdough that for more than a century has been feeding the imagination of the Latin American … Read more