Mauro Szeta revealed the worst of his work on Telefe: “It liquidates me”

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Mauro Szeta revealed the armor that has to be put on every day to talk about atrocities that occur in different parts of the country. The police columnist revealed how his profession affects him. “You have to have a hard skin, because you are telling very dramatic, very moving, sometimes horrendous stories. You have a … Read more

Get to know the schedule of “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai”, “Soñar Conti” and other Turkish telenovelas on Telefe

Get to know the schedule of Fugitiva Zuleyha Hercai Sonar

Currently, Telefe’s programming has a wide variety of turkish soap operas, which are acclaimed by their viewers thanks to their stories, their characters and the great interpretive work of their famous actors. In this way, “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Soñar Conti” are just some of the productions that have become the favorites of their audience. … Read more

“Fugitive”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Soñar con tú”: schedule of the week for Turkish telenovelas on Telefe

1650323269 Fugitive Zuleyha Hercai and Sonar con tu schedule of the

Turkish soap operas have become in recent years true freaks, even outside their country of origin. Argentina is one of the countries that has received with open arms and very successfully to these television productions. A) Yes, the audience can enjoy fictions such as “Hercai”, “Fugitiva” or the famous “Züleyha” (also known as “Tierra amarga”). … Read more

The abrupt decision that Telefe made with the Turkish novel “Fugitive”

The abrupt decision that Telefe made with the Turkish novel

“Fugitive” It is a resounding success in Argentina, it leads Telefe’s ratings and positions it among the most watched channels. However, the station decided to change the schedule. the Turkish novel that reaches 12 rating points “Fugitive” will change its schedule because this Monday Telefe will premiere “El Primero de Nosotros” to compete in the … Read more

Video: the moving farewell that Telefé shared in tribute to Gerardo Rozín

Video the moving farewell that Telefe shared in tribute to

Yesterday, the sad news of the death of Gerardo Rozin. The driver from Rosario died at the age of 51, due to a brain tumor. On the occasion of farewell, many well-known personalities in the country wrote emotional messages, showing the great relationship they had with the producer. In the same way, Telefé did it … Read more

Jey Mammon’s transfer to Telefé was confirmed: what will he do and what will happen in Uruguay?

Jey Mammons transfer to Telefe was confirmed what will he

Exclusive content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers Subscribe me Know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canenter with your username and password. Jey Mammon was the revelation of the Argentine television in 2021. After releasing a late night show … Read more

“Doctor Milagro”: look at this week’s schedule for “Mucize Doktor” on Telefe

Doctor Milagro look at this weeks schedule for Mucize Doktor

Do you love to see Doctor Miracle? Who does not? “The telenovela“ Mucize Doktor ”, in its original language, is one of the most successful versions of the Korean series“ Buen doctor ”, with high ratings in various parts of the world, including Latin America. So that you keep an eye on the story of … Read more

How to see the last chapter of “Woman” on Telefe

1627861201 How to see the last chapter of Woman on Telefe

“Woman”Originally titled “Kadın”, it is the Turkish soap opera that conquered the entire world. The story of Bahar, played by actress Özge Özpirinçci, became the favorite of the public in different countries such as Spain, Mexico and Argentina. Today it is considered a television phenomenon that has thousands of followers and high audience ratings. MORE … Read more

“Doctor Milagro”: what is this week’s schedule for Mucize Doktor on Telefe

1627857568 Doctor Milagro what is this weeks schedule for Mucize Doktor

The Turkish series “Doctor miracle”, originally titled “Mucize Doktor”, is reaping many successes around the world. And it is that this production, starring Taner Ölmez, has won the hearts of the public in various countries such as Hungary, Albania, Spain and Argentina. In addition, it enjoys a lot of popularity and high ratings on the … Read more