The NBA launches its new App: the all-in-one destination for fans of the league and its teams

The NBA launches its new App the all in one destination for

The NBA announced today the launch of the NBA Global App reworked, an all-in-one destination for league fans of all franchises. Featuring all-new customization features, the NBA app will deliver content from every game in the competition, featuring vertical social-style videos, unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to players and teams, shows, new and existing series, and access … Read more

MORAT, the Spanish pop band of the moment, teams up with JUANES for the second time in “506” – Music – Radiomacondo

MORAT the Spanish pop band of the moment teams up

The Spanish-language pop band of the moment gets together for the second time with JOHNone of the most important Latin music artists in the world at the beginning of the 21st century, to resurrect that love that pierced our hearts. “Collaborating with Juanes is, without a doubt, a pleasure. Years ago we … Read more

The new MLB playoff format: how many teams will reach the postseason and everything you need to know

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

The new collective agreement between the MLB and the MLBPA includes several changes to the rules of the Major League Baseball. One of the most important is the expansion of the playoff system, which will now have 12 teams (six from each league) instead of 10 in previous years. Beginning in 2022, the MLB postseason … Read more

A Stranger Things star teams up with Liam Neeson for his new action movie

Fortunately Liam Neeson does not move away from the action and now prepares a new historywhich is named cold storage. This film is based on the homonymous novel by David Kopp and is about a group of people trying to contain a deadly virus that threatens to wipe out humanity. New information confirms that Liam … Read more

Omnisport – Football, rugby, basketball, handball, volleyball, gymnastics: the results of the Cher teams

Omnisport Football rugby basketball handball volleyball gymnastics the results

Women’s League (18th day) Saint-Amand/Le Hainaut – Bourges Basket: 56-74. Women’s pre-national (19th day) Bourges Basket C – Fondettes: postponed to 24/04. Regional 2 women (16th day) Saint-Pierre-des-Corps – CS Bourges: 30-63. Regional 2 men (19th day) US Vierzon – Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire: 104-61. Regional 3 men (17th day) ASJ Onzain – Saint-Doulchard: 76-52.Deols B – Bourges: … Read more

Omnisports – Football, rugby, handball, basketball… The results of the Cher teams

1644823406 Omnisports Football rugby handball basketball The results of the

Federal 3 Regional 2 (12th day, late) US Berrichonne – Salbris: 21-29. Soccer National 2 (18th day) Trélissac – Bourges Foot 18: 1-2. D2 Pool A (10th day late) Agreement Savigny / Boulleret – Saint-Germain-du-Puy B: postponed. Group A (11th day delay) ASIA Cher – FC Avord: 0-0. Pool B (6th day late) Charenton-Châteauneuf-sur-Cher: 0-2. … Read more

Omnisports – Omnisports: all the results of the Cher teams

Omnisports Omnisports all the results of the Cher teams

Women’s League (7th day) Bourges Basket – Saint-Amand / Le Hainault: 82-46.(read our live again) NF2 (9th day) Bourges Basket – Stade Marseillais: 67-66.Success of tango hopes against Stade Marseillais. U18 women (8th day) Limoges – Bourges Basket : 51-65. Football National (14th day) Châteauroux – Orleans: 4-1. National 2 (12th day) Montpellier B – … Read more

Omnisports – Omnisports: the results of the Cher teams this weekend

Omnisports Omnisports the results of the Cher teams

Women’s League (6th day) Angers – Bourges Basket: 63-90. NF2 (7th day) Receive our Tango Matchday newsletter by email and find essential and exclusive information on your favorite club. NL 18 Bourges Basket – Voiron B: 76-62. U18 women (6th day) Bourges Basket – Cournon: 109-38. Football National 2 (11th day) Bourges Foot 18 – … Read more

Tender Bar Trailer: Ben Affleck Teams Up With Director George Clooney In Search Of Oscar Glory

Amazon Prime Video has just released the official trailer for George Clooney’s drama, The tender bar, with Ben Affleck and Tye Sheridan. It is reminiscent of a simpler time and even triggers little Goodwill hunting memories of seeing a young man raised by a committee of father figures on Long Island, trying in their own … Read more

Omnisports – Football, rugby, handball, basketball, roller-hockey, volleyball … Discover all the results of the Cher teams

Omnisports Football rugby handball basketball roller hockey volleyball Discover all

Coupe de France (4th round) Women’s French Cup (2nd round) Châteauroux – Verdigny / Sancerre: 8-2US Sainte-Solange – Bourges Foot 18: Sainte-Solange package Center Cup (2nd round) USA Lury / Méreau (D1) – AS Saint-Germain-du-Puy (R3): reserveSalbris (D2, Loir-et-Cher) – Massay (R2): 0-3Nançay / Neuvy (D2) – Bouzannes Vallée noire (D1, Indre): 0-4AS Chalivoy (D3) … Read more