Disney D23: Who are the THUNDERBOLTS, the new Marvel Studios super team?

This weekend was the Disney D23the special event that the Mickey Mouse company uses year after year to reveal its great projects for the future, but none of its advertisements attracted more attention than the presentation of his new project in collaboration with Marvel Studios named as Thunderboltswhich will be the new bet of the … Read more

Voting in the final of “La Voz Kids 2022”: how to vote for my favorite team?

Voting in the final of La Voz Kids 2022 how

Andrés Cepeda, Kany García and Nacho will have a special mission in the final of “La Voz Kids 2022″. Photo: Courtesy Caracol Tv – Courtesy Caracol Tv Voting is now open for Colombians to choose their favorite finalist in “The voice Kids”. The trainers Andres Cepeda, Kany Garcia and Nacho in some vibrant semifinals they … Read more

New version of “Pinocchio”: Are you Team Del Toro or Team Tom Hanks?

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

Face to face, two versions of the character created by Carlos Collordi in the 19th century. On the one hand, Disney will premiere a live action of this children’s classic creating a colorful and happy Pinocchio, on the other there is a much darker story and faithful to the original, which is also directed by … Read more

Gloria Trevi staged her concert in Puerto Rico in 24 hours and without her team

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

San Juan, 14 Aug. Mexican singer Gloria Trevi managed to successfully carry out her concert in Puerto Rico despite having to organize it in 24 hours and without her usual team, which due to visa problems did not arrive on time for the show. According to a statement published this Sunday by the artist’s representatives … Read more

Netflix: premieres Mexican series about the experiences of a team of firefighters

Netflix: premieres Mexican series about the experiences of a team of firefighters Mexican productions continue strong on the popular streaming platform netflix. On this occasion, they are about to release a new series that is made up of a great cast of actors and actresses from Mexico and that will narrate the story of a … Read more

Charlize Theron and director Alfonso Cuarón team up for the new Amazon movie

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

Following the acclaimed Netflix movie, Roma, Alfonso Cuaron is back with a new project, which will feature Charlize Theron. This is a film produced by amazon which goes by the name of “Jane” and is based on a work by the acclaimed science fiction writer Philip K Dick. According to reported The Hollywood Reporter, this … Read more

She inspired “A Very Special Team.” At 95, she just came out

She inspired A Very Special Team At 95 she just scaled

Maybelle Blair’s story as a baseball player was the inspiration for the early ’90s hit movie “A Very Special Team,” which has now been adapted into a series. (Taylor Glascock/The New York Times) In her early nineties, Maybelle Blair walked into a sporting goods store with a mission: to try on a pair of studs. … Read more

Lali’s mischievous advice to a folklorist in La Voz Argentina: “La Sole’s team is to go to Puerto Rico and sing reggaeton”

The 15 worst albums of classic rock bands

Started a new gala The Argentine Voice. Blind auditions advance, and there are fewer and fewer places available, in the jury teams Mau Y Ricky, Lali Esposito, Ricardo Montaner Y Soledad Pastorutti. In this way, there was a large group of applicants to join the filar of these artists, with the aim of keeping the … Read more

J Balvin and Ryan Castro team up on the single “Level de perreo”

J Balvin and Ryan Castro team up on the single

J Balvin and Ryan Castro recorded the video for “Level de perreo” on the streets of Jackson Heights, Queens, in the United States. Photo: Courtesy: Universal Music J Balvin has teamed up with Ryan Castro for a new single, “Dog Level”. Colombian artists, who head the music charts, bet on a new rhythm combining rap … Read more

“Minions: a villain is born”: Gru and his team return to theaters with the same humor and with a visual renewal

Minions a villain is born Gru and his team return

Learn about Gru’s origins and how he sealed his union with the Minions. (Universal Pictures) The Minions They became one of the strongest animated figures in the film industry outside of Pixar. Five films of this franchise were released: three of My favorite villain and two of Minions if you take into account this week’s … Read more