[VIDEO] Tony Hawk and Goldfinger team up to SING Superman

1673944264 VIDEO Tony Hawk and Goldfinger team up to SING Superman

One of the crossovers most epic occurred in the state of California, USA. it when Tony Hawk Y goldfinger they came together to sing the theme Supermanwhich is part of the soundtrack of the successful match who saw young and old grow up. This featuring happened last January 14inside the show goldfinger in Anaheim, Californiaafter … Read more

Will there be Top Gun 3? This said the team

Will there be Top Gun 3 This said the team

Jerry Bruckheimer, executive producer, and Miles Teller, one of the leads, answered whether or not there will be another Top Gun movie. The great cinematographic phenomenon in 2022 did not come on behalf of Marvel Studios or DC, it was not even the great sequel to Avatar. Besides, Top Gun: Maverick It was the one … Read more

Controversy and unrest in Qatar: security agents threatened a team of TV journalists with destroying their camera

Controversy and unrest in Qatar security agents threatened a team scaled

Reporter is threatened by Qataris live The countdown to the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 began and, together with the protagonists, little by little too Fans and journalists from different parts of the world are arriving to cover and witness the event. The United States landed in Doha and became the first … Read more

The documentary of the National Team in the Copa América arrives on TV: how to watch it

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

The three-part documentary “Be Eternal: Champions of America”, which caused a sensation due to the previous harangue revealed by Lionel Messi, can be seen on television from this Thursday. Channel 9 reported that From this Thursday at 10 p.m. and for two more weeks they will premiere each chapter of the production that PEGSA made … Read more

Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans team up for Prime Video’s upcoming Christmas movie

Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans team up for Prime Videos

The Christmas movie starring Chris Evans and Dwayne Johnson will arrive in December 2022. (Prime Video) The holiday season of 2022 has just arrived, but Dwayne Johnson and Chris Evans are already working on a movie based on this time, but planned for release next year. Is about RedOne, a new feature film in which … Read more

“Chloë Grace Moretz is the truest and strongest actress”: meet the team of Peripherals the worlds of Flynne on Prime Video

Chloe Grace Moretz is the truest and strongest actress meet

AlloCiné met part of the Peripheral team, the worlds of Flynne, a new SF series to discover every week on Prime Video. What convinced you to be part of Peripheral devices ? Have you read William Gibson’s book? Lisa Joy (the producer): When I read William Gibson’s book, I immediately understood that it had to … Read more

DISNEY+ premieres the trailer for the original series BECKHAM: SAVE OUR TEAM

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

The docuseries will be available exclusively on the streaming service on November 9. Link to the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KscbtP-6TE Press Materials: https://www.disneylapresspack.com/disney-plus/beckhamsaveourteam BUENOS AIRESOctober 13, 2022 – Disney+ premiered the official trailer for the British original series Beckham: Save our teamwhich will be available exclusively on the service of streaming starting on Wednesday, November 9 with … Read more

Disney D23: Who are the THUNDERBOLTS, the new Marvel Studios super team?

This weekend was the Disney D23the special event that the Mickey Mouse company uses year after year to reveal its great projects for the future, but none of its advertisements attracted more attention than the presentation of his new project in collaboration with Marvel Studios named as Thunderboltswhich will be the new bet of the … Read more

Voting in the final of “La Voz Kids 2022”: how to vote for my favorite team?

Voting in the final of La Voz Kids 2022 how

Andrés Cepeda, Kany García and Nacho will have a special mission in the final of “La Voz Kids 2022″. Photo: Courtesy Caracol Tv – Courtesy Caracol Tv Voting is now open for Colombians to choose their favorite finalist in “The voice Kids”. The trainers Andres Cepeda, Kany Garcia and Nacho in some vibrant semifinals they … Read more

New version of “Pinocchio”: Are you Team Del Toro or Team Tom Hanks?

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

Face to face, two versions of the character created by Carlos Collordi in the 19th century. On the one hand, Disney will premiere a live action of this children’s classic creating a colorful and happy Pinocchio, on the other there is a much darker story and faithful to the original, which is also directed by … Read more