Tania Rincón almost became a nun: “I felt the call of God”

Tania Rincon almost became a nun I felt the call

Tania was a rebellious girl who was not afraid of fighting with children. It was her mother’s friends who suggested that she enter a nun’s school. In the most recent broadcast of the ‘Interview with Yordi’, the famous host Tania Rincón attended, revealing details of her religious upbringing, which allowed her to experience desires to … Read more

Tania Rincón reveals the reason why Fernando del Solar left Hoy

“Look, finally you can’t rely on what social networks say, although they are part of it, but I think there were people who were also very grateful that ‘Fer’ del Solar was paid the tribute they deserved,” Tania said. . For what reason did Fernando del Solar resign from Hoy? It was on March 12, … Read more

This was the last meal that Fernando del Solar would have invited Tania Rincón

This was the last meal that Fernando del Solar would

after the shocking News of the death of the Argentine driver Fernando del Solarthe truth is that the world of Mexican entertainment dressed in mourning, since last June 30, when the death of the presenter was announced, who won the affection of the public the time he hosted morning programs, such as Venga la Alegría, … Read more

Tania Tinoco and Bruce Hardeman, a love story that crossed borders and that this year would have celebrated 30 years of marriage | People | Entertainment

Tania Tinoco and Bruce Hardeman a love story that crossed

The love story between Tania Tinoco (1963-2022) and Bruce Hardman It is one of those that emerged against all odds, because Hardeman –who at that time lived in the United States– had told Tinoco that he would never live in Ecuador and that he would never marry an Ecuadorian, but the opposite happened. On May … Read more

This is how Ecuavisa reminded Tania Tinoco after her death: Fly high, we will carry you in our hearts | Television | Entertainment

just like you did Tanya Tinoco (1963-2022) with Theresa Grove when he retired from Ecuavisatonight Grove He lent his voice to fire who in life was his co-worker. A report with images of important coverage that Tinoco made throughout his journalistic career was the opening for the broadcast of teleview from this night. Ecuadorian journalism … Read more

¡El periodismo ecuatoriano está de luto! Amigos, familia y seguidores de Tania Tinoco comparten en redes su pesar por el fallecimiento de la comunicadora ecuatoriana | Gente | Entretenimiento

El periodismo ecuatoriano esta de luto Amigos familia y seguidores

Ecuador despide hoy a una de sus más destacadas periodistas. Tania Tinoco falleció a los 58 años, luego de estar internada en un hospital en Estados Unidos a causa de un problema cardíaco. hace alrededor de 6 horas La noticia, además de ser confirmada por un familiar de la comunicadora, fue oficializada con un comunicado … Read more

Ecuadorian journalist Tania Tinoco dies | People | Entertainment

This Saturday, May 21, the death of the Ecuadorian journalist was learned Tanya Tinoco, who was hospitalized in USA due to a heart problem. The information was confirmed to this newspaper by a close friend of the family, who received the unfortunate news of the nephew Tadeo Tinoco, also social communicator. Tania Tinoco, the Machaleña … Read more

Tania Tinoco is stable and would continue her recovery in the United States; relatives call for a chain of prayer | People | Entertainment

Tania Tinoco is stable and would continue her recovery in

Relatives of Tania Tinoco They confirmed in a statement issued this afternoon that the journalist was operated on after a cardiac arrhythmia was detected in time. “At the moment it is stable”they assured. Tania Tinoco is hospitalized for an arrhythmia; relatives and Ecuavisa ask for respect for their privacy They also reported that the communicator … Read more