Hard messages crossed between L-Gante and Tamara Báez amid rumors of separation

Jamaica was born the daughter of L Ghent he presented her

The singer of “Cumbia 420” is going through a severe crisis with the mother of his daughter Jamaica and both were downloaded on social networks About some months ago L-Gante enjoys a great burst of popularity: varied public appearances, fans who follow him in his every move, and all this coincided with an important new … Read more

The drama of Tamara, the first expelled from ‘MasterChef Celebrity 6’: “I have to take pay home”

1631645140 The drama of Tamara the first expelled from MasterChef Celebrity

‘MasterChef Celebrity 6‘, the talent show culinario with 16 famous and a jury made up of Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodrguez and Samantha Vallejo-Ngera, has premiered this Monday in La1 de RTVE with the expulsion of singer Tamara. Samantha Vallejo-Ngera, Pepe Rodrguez and Jordi Cruz in MasterChef Celebrity 6RTVE Before being eliminated, Tamara commented through tears: … Read more