Oscar Isaac’s Hair Was So Dreamy on the Set of ‘Star Wars’ Harrison Ford Swore It Was a Wig

Harrison Ford and Oscar Isaac have made a hilarious connection through the Star Wars universe. While the two are a natural fit as brash space pilots, their behind-the-scenes exchanges showcase two Hollywood stars who know how to have fun while filming the iconic film series. At one point, Ford was so enthralled by Isaac’s hair … Read more

Sean Connery’s son swore his dad wasn’t a ‘monster’ after his mum told him he wouldn’t inherit his millions

Sean Connerys son swore his dad wasnt a monster after.webp

Sean Connery’s son Jason has said his dad is not a “monster” after his mum told the media to believe otherwise. Despite his ex-wife claiming he didn’t leave an inheritance for their son, Jason continued to adore his dad, and here’s why. Cinema icon Sean Connery was known to everyone for his portrayal of James … Read more

Ryan Gosling’s birthday: the heartthrob who swore eternal love to Eva Mendes

Ryan Goslings birthday the heartthrob who swore eternal love to

Actors Ryan Gosling and Eva mendes They began their relationship in 2011, after making the movie “The place where everything ends.” It is a couple who rarely show themselves in public, both are reserved with their private lives. Before Eva began her relationship with Ryan, she was focused on her career and even mentioned that … Read more