Clark Gable, a sweeping ‘chimpanzee’ | XLWeekly

Clark Gable a sweeping chimpanzee XLWeekly

A Who would have thought to spend 500 dollars to portray that chimpanzee? ”, shouted Jack Warner, president of the Warner Bros studios, indignantly when he saw that the people of the study dedicated a photo session to a clumsy boy with huge and detached ears. That ‘chimpanzee’ became a captivating man, owner of an … Read more

“Inspiring” and “sweeping”: Do you want to know who has said this about Rosalía?

millonarios del mundo cuanto ganan las 20 personas mas ricas

In a summer in which the struggle to become the queen of the Summer song has been more disputed than ever, we can safely assure that Rosalia She is one of the Queens of this 2022. The artist has been walking the name of Spain around the world for years, becoming one of the figures … Read more

Netflix and the miniseries that is sweeping everything this week

Netflix and the miniseries that is sweeping everything this week It should be noted that this disturbing production was launched on August 19 and with only a total of seven episodes is already among the most viewed within the famous platform of Netflix. This time we are going to tell you all about the production … Read more

The unmissable Netflix movie based on real events: the sweeping police drama

The unmissable Netflix movie based on real events the sweeping.webp

The streaming giant added to its catalog a production that you can’t stop watching and that quickly captivated the public. Netflix keep throwing new movies and series that quickly break it on the platform, especially those that are based on or inspired by real events. This happened with Ted … Read more

The “Gangnam Style” is ten years old: a decade of sweeping the internet | D.W. | 07.15.2022

The Gangnam Style is ten years old a decade of

When South Korean rapper Psy released “Gangnam Style” a decade ago, few anticipated the magnitude and speed of its success, or how it would help fuel a streaming revolution. Its music video featuring the famous horse-riding dance was released on July 15, 2012. It was local-focused, with comedic references to the affluent Gangnam district of … Read more

The Spanish film that was delayed by the pandemic and is now sweeping Netflix

The appearance of Netflix and other streaming platforms, without a doubt, it revolutionized the way of consuming series and movies and there are many products that the service has managed to “resurrect” despite the fact that they did not do well when they were released in cinema or television. This happened again in recent days … Read more

Interview: Meet Adso, the Venezuelan who is sweeping the music industry

Interview Meet Adso the Venezuelan who is sweeping the music

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Juan Miguel presents ‘Until you arrived’, a song in collaboration with Jerry Rivera 02:32 Alan and Roberto present their new song ‘Somos Hermanos’, a song of tolerance 01:03 Llane presents his new album ‘Fino’, a project with which … Read more

The incredible Chris Hemsworth horror thriller that is sweeping Amazon Video

The incredible Chris Hemsworth horror thriller that is sweeping Amazon

Before consolidating his presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth did something that another interesting project in its beginnings. After a brief participation in the reboot of star trekthe Australian appeared to lead an unknown cast in the cabin in the woods, an incredible horror thriller that flees from all apparent formalisms, playing with … Read more

The HBO comedy that is sweeping: it’s been a long time since we laughed so much

The HBO comedy that is sweeping its been a long

In a streaming service who drives as many franchises as HBO isit seems difficult that the number one movies, in terms of viewing level, do not belong to sagas like Harry Potter, Batman, Matrix either The Lord of the rings. That’s why, the HBO comedy that is sweeping surprises among the leaders of the platform … Read more

Welcome to Eden follows in the footsteps of La casa de papel and is already sweeping the entire planet

Paramount prepares a new series of Jackass again with Johnny

You are happy? If you are a manager of Netflix and you’re reading this question, the answer will almost certainly be yes, as a new original production of the platform is taking the world by storm. We talk about welcome to edena new Spanish series created by Joaquín Gorriz and Guillermo López Sánchez that promises … Read more