Brendan Fraser and a gesture with his son that surprised everyone after winning the Oscar

Brendan Fraser and a gesture with his son that surprised

As if there weren’t enough reasons to love brendan fraser, the recent Oscar winner seems convinced to maintain his simple lifestyle. While they may have their reasons, as exposure is not an easy thing to deal with, many stars tend to maintain a lifestyle away from most public places, keeping a considerable distance from their … Read more

Heath Ledger: the actor who surprised many by his performance as the Joker, turns 15 years old

Heath Ledger the actor who surprised many by his performance

Do you remember the performance of the Joker that stole the breath of many? We tell you more about the actor Heath Ledger. After 15 years of being on everyone’s lips due to his unfortunate death at the age of 28 and after his participation in the Batman movie The Dark Knight, Australian actor Heath … Read more

Peter Lanzani with Anya Taylor-Joy: the viral photo that surprised everyone on the networks

Peter Lanzani with Anya Taylor Joy the viral photo that surprised

The awards ceremony Golden Globe 2023which was held in Los Angeles (United States), dedicated to Argentina, 1985 as “Best Foreign Language Film”, last Tuesday night. A) Yes, the hall of the Beverly Hilton hotel was filled with hugs and shouts as a celebration, after the announcement of the award for the film starring Ricardo Darín … Read more

Margot Robbie (‘Amsterdam’): “People will be surprised to see such a funny Christian Bale”

Margot Robbie Amsterdam People will be surprised to see such

A David O Russell He is passionate about bringing together as many stars as possible in his work, as we could see in ‘The great American scam‘, ‘The good side of things‘ either ‘fighter‘, with fetish actors and actresses of the stature of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams or course, Christian bale. The actor, … Read more

Choché surprised as a DJ at Daddy Yankee concerts: “I had nightmares all week”

Not everyone has the chance to make their musical debut at Daddy Yankee’s farewell concert. Choché Romano, a regular television presenter and event host, is aware that what happened to him on October 22 and 23 was something extraordinary. Romano, 36, was introduced for the first time as DJ Choché, a facet that only his … Read more

Actress of ‘Betty in New York’ is surprised by a shark and her reaction causes controversy

Actress of Betty in New York is surprised by a

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT Andrés García asks that at his funeral they play a song by Juan Gabriel 01:41 Celebrities ARV: Shakira on trial, Daddy Yankee tour, health of Andrés García and Aguilar grandfather 05:24 Daddy Yankee in Chile: fans skip security … Read more

It is not worth being surprised by the terrible stories about Bill Murray because Hollywood has been warning of his bad behavior for years

It is not worth being surprised by the terrible stories

The actor has recently made headlines after Genna Davis and Seth Green shared their ordeals with him. However, this is not the first time this has happened. They have been warning for years and nobody wanted to listen, but the number of cases is increasing and it seems that this is the only way for … Read more