Drew Barrymore’s intimate confession that surprised all of Hollywood

Drew Barrymores intimate confession that surprised all of Hollywood

drew Barrymore is one of the most beloved stars in Hollywood. She started her career when she was very young and that led her to have a very difficult childhood, full of addictions and bad experiences. But over time she became a true example of strength and overcoming, for which she generated great empathy with … Read more

Moment of terror: this is how a cockroach surprised Yuri in full concert

1663397549 Moment of terror this is how a cockroach surprised Yuri

This is how the moment spread (Photo: Twitter/@VengaLaAlegria and TikTok/@elmanana36)) On September 15, the singer Yuri was featured in New Laredo, Tamaulipas with the aim of giving a show as part of the celebrations for Mexico’s Independence Day; However, the interpreter got an unpleasant surprise with an insect. During the space between one song and … Read more

Coldplay: Chris Martin surprised by talking about traffic, economy and corruption during his first concert in Peru

Coldplay Chris Martin surprised by talking about traffic economy and

Coldplay: Chris Martin surprises with a message in the first concert. | tiktok Coldplay offered its first concert this tuesday september 13 amid great anticipation. As soon as she took the stage, the fans did not hesitate to applaud and express her enthusiasm. For its part, Chris Martin He thanked his fans for taking the … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite movie that surprised everyone

Because she lived a total of 96 years, the queen Isabel II had the opportunity to have lived almost a century of cinema. In this way, he saw how the first sound films of the 1920s became blockbusters that abused CGI. As she was present in the great steps that she took in the cinema, … Read more

Feid surprised Bogotans and announced a new concert date in December

Feid surprised Bogotans and announced a new concert date in

FEID confirms concert in Bogotá. Instagram: FEID Reggaeton lovers in Bogotá have been waiting for several months, as one of the most outstanding artists of the genre in recent times previously announced that he would perform at the La Macarena bullring in Medellín, however, in the capital of the republic no event confirmed. However, the … Read more

Death of Olivia Newton-John: her absent husband and daughter surprised by a very symbolic event

Death of Olivia Newton John her absent husband and daughter surprised

After the death of Olivia Newton-John, a symbolic ceremony will take place in Australia. But neither the star’s husband, John Easterling, nor her daughter, Chloe Lattanzi, will make the trip. Grieving is too complicated for Olivia Newton-John’s husband and daughter. On August 8, the actress and singer died at the age of 73 after several … Read more

The film in which Brad Pitt raised the temperature and surprised even his co-stars

Brad Pitt He is one of the undisputed idols of Hollywood. The actor has been positioned as one of the most talented actors of his generation for more than three decades. But since his beginnings in the 90s, Brad has been identified as one of the undisputed leading men of the seventh art and, at … Read more

Gilberto Santa Rosa is surprised with a tremendous party in the style of the ’60s

Gilberto Santa Rosa is surprised with a tremendous party in

The celebration of the 60 years of the singer Gilberto Santa Rosa he didn’t stay in New York. On Tuesday night, the salsero was surprised with a great party at the Luis Muñoz Marín Foundation in Trujillo Alto, organized by his wife, the presenter Alexandra Malagon. With an atmosphere inspired by the glamor of the … Read more

Girl who played Mirabel in ‘Encanto’, surprised after appearing in ‘La Voz Kids’

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

A surprise took the Colombians and the juries of The voice Kids listening to the voice of Antonia Ledesmaa little girl who, in addition to finishing her blind audition, consolidating her entry to the talent show, He also revealed to everyone that he was the one who did the voice of Mirabel in the Disney … Read more

Videos | Singer surprised with his imitation of Ricardo Montaner in a concert

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

One of the most active musical artists in the industry is the Venezuelan Ricardo Montaner, who has managed to create hits, produce them and spread them around the world. Apart from being a singer, Montaner has dedicated himself to leaving a musical legacy that runs through the veins of his children: Mauricio, Ricky and Evaluna. … Read more