Margot Kidder: the Lois Lane that ‘Superman’ canceled out of spite

Margot Kidder the Lois Lane that Superman canceled out of

New York Daily News Archive Before Mary Jane, the Mary Jane of spider-manthere was the Lois Lane of Superman. And before Amy Adams there was Margot Kidder. Depending on the generation you come from, you can have the scene of the inverted kiss between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst or the scene of Christopher Reeve … Read more

Videos | Like ‘Superman’, a journalist in Australia saved a child in the middle of the news

A heroic event that goes around the world this Friday, May 6, has as its protagonist the Australian television journalist and meteorologist, Paul Burt, who last Thursday night evoked Clark Kent (Superman, historical character from the comics), shed their communicator role to help their community. In the middle of a news broadcast for a local … Read more

The Netflix actor who could replace Henry Cavill in Superman

DC Comics Jacob Elordi is a young performer with a booming career, after his participation in The Kissing Stand, many suggest him as Superman. By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 05/02/2022 – 15:44 UTC 05/02/2022 – 15:44 UTC ©GettyHenry Cavill By Ezequiel Torres Policastro Discovery Warner is ready to give more importance to Superman in the words … Read more

Nicolas Cage does not rule out the idea of ​​being Superman, but now in the least expected way

Nicolas Cage does not rule out the idea of ​​being

It is public knowledge that Nicolas Cage was very close to becoming Superman for the film that Warner Bros. was preparing with Tim Burton directing. The film did not prosper, so the Oscar-winning actor and fan of the hero of DC Comics was disappointed. Now, years after this Cage does not lose hope of being … Read more

The Flash: They filter the post-credits scene that reveals the fate of Superman

The Flash They filter the post credits scene that reveals the

The Flash is still a long way off, but many details of what will happen to Superman are already known. Attention SPOILERS. As some test passes have already been made, there is very interesting leaked information about the film Flash (2023). That is why we know that as usual in superhero movies, it will have … Read more

La increible historia de ‘Superman Lives’, la infame película de Tim Burton y Nicolas Cage que nunca se hizo

1647575381 La increible historia de Superman Lives la infame pelicula de

Superman Lives seguramente es la película nunca hecha más infame de la historia del cine. Estamos hablando de una producción tan contrariada que pudo haber cambiado el destino de los superhéroes, para bien o para mal. Y a pesar de que no se llegó a rodar ni siquiera una escena del film que iba a … Read more

The Peacemaker Director Explained Why Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot Didn’t Appear as Superman and Wonder Woman in the HBO Max Series

hbo-max The appearance in the shadow of Superman and Wonder Woman in the last episode of peacemaker sparked controversy among fans. Why weren’t the characters played by Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot? The director admits it! By Noelia Rios 03/03/2022 – 17:33 UTC 03/03/2022 – 17:33 UTC ©GettyHenry Cavill and Gal Gadot The last episode … Read more

Amy Adams laughed like a five-year-old when she first saw Henry Cavill in his Superman costume

Amy Adams laughed like a five year old when she first saw

Putting on the Superman suit for the first time was a special moment for Henry Cavill. But it was just as special for his co-star, Amy Adams, who laughed the first time she saw him in uniform. Amy Adams felt ‘Man of Steel’ was her last chance to play Lois Lane Amy Adams | Emma … Read more

La gran diferencia entre Ikaris y Superman

La gran diferencia entre Ikaris y Superman

Puede que Ikaris y Superman se parezcan, pero la directora de Los Eternos revela la gran diferencia entre ellos. La película Los Eternos (2021) presentó a una gran cantidad de personajes al Universo Cinematográfico de Marvel Studios. Pero sin duda el que más destacaba era Ikaris de Richard Madden, ya que es muy fuerte, rápido, … Read more

Ben Affleck: before Batman, he almost played Superman!

Ben Affleck before Batman he almost played Superman

Director Kevin Smith has just revealed that he wrote a “Superman” feature film for Ben Affleck a few years ago. The project will not finally see the light of day and the actor will later slip into the costume of … Batman! Ben Affleck portrayed Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice … Read more