The Cult – Under the midnight sun – Rock The Best Music

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

Six years after “Hidden city”, the British band The Cult present us a new album with this “Under the midnight sun”. A dark Lp with which they return to that gothic or post-punk rock of their first albums. It must be recognized that the creators of masterpieces like “Love”, “Sonic temple” or “Ceremony” have not … Read more

Cheap holidays: the sun of Morocco and Tunisia for 149€

Cheap holidays the sun of Morocco and Tunisia for 149E

Holiday Agadir Atlantic Agadir 4* MOROCCO – AGADIR Marie France in partnership with Perfectstay 179€ I buy Stay in a standard room Half pension Flights departing from the city of your choice Private beach and traditional hammam Direction Agadir, seaside resort on the northern coast of Morocco. It is a region that benefits from a … Read more

How strong! Did Andrés García come to lower girlfriends to the Sun of Mexico?

Andrés García exchanged girlfriends with Luis Miguel | AP The great relationship between singer born in Puerto Rico and the actor of Dominican origin lasted until the two became two gallants highly valued by women, Andres Garcia respond if at any time you shared any with Luis Miguel. In the midst of his delicate state … Read more

The Sun rises, actress reveals that she wanted to stop living because of her husband’s treatment

The Sun rises, actress reveals the mistreatment her husband had | Instagram One of the stars of soap operas in Mexico and considered one of the most beautiful actresses that television has had, Olivia Collinshad remained with reservations regarding his personal life, but recently surprised with strong statements, since he accepted that he tried to … Read more

The band T1419 dances to the rhythm of ‘The sun is going to turn off’ in Mexico

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Mexico City – Visiting Mexico City, the K-pop and J-Pop band T1419 took the opportunity to dance in the streets, visit museums and delve a little deeper into the culture of one of the countries where they already have thousands of followers. And to please his Latin American fans, he recently released “El sol se … Read more

The impressive suit of the “Aztec Sun” that Elvis Presley wore in his last concert

The impressive suit of the Aztec Sun that Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley wore the legendary Aztec Sun Stone Jumpsuit inspired by Mexico in his last concert (Photo: Instagram / @elvis) Elvis Presley, the king of Rock n Roll, He gave one last concert before he died, and it was on June 26, 1977 at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis.United States, one more stop on … Read more

South Korean band T1419 surprises with their first single in Spanish, “When the sun goes down” | The USA Newspaper

South Korean band T1419 surprises with their first single in

Photo T1419 / Courtesy: MLD Entertainment * Composition by Manu Manzo and Daniel Gonzalez Sobrino Miami, (Notistarz).- The multicultural male K-pop group, T1419 surprises this summer with the premiere of its first single and video in Spanish “When the sun goes down”, with electronic music rhythms and a tropical touch.The theme … Read more

The sun sets on Netflix: there will be advertising

The sun sets on Netflix there will be advertising

The co-CEO of Netflix, Ted Sarandoshas confirmed in Cannes that, as they had already announced to their employeesthe company will start inserting advertising in its broadcasts towards the end of 2022, for a segment of customers who want to access their content but find it too expensive, and do not mind seeing it with advertising. … Read more

Messi in “grill mode”, music by Nicki Nicole and dunks in the sun: Antonela Roccuzzo showed the intimacy of her vacation in Rosario

Messi in grill mode music by Nicki Nicole and dunks

History of Antonela Roccuzzo with Lionel Messi As usual in each winter or summer break, the Messi family moved to Rosario to enjoy a few days off in their hometown. Before going on vacation abroad, Antonella Roccuzzo and Lionel Messi They settled in the town of Funes, on the outskirts of the city of Santa … Read more

The Scorching Sun, the movie that is a Netflix jewel

Cinema is a universal wonder, a unique art that, luckily, comes from all corners of the world. And, in addition, it has a multiplicity of stories to tell, crossed by its contexts, culture, the social situation and a lot of other things. In this case, in Netflix hides a film from Taiwan, a spectacular dramatic … Read more