Cher sues Sonny Bono’s estate for royalty termination notice – Marseille News

Cher sues Sonny Bonos estate for royalty termination notice

Cher in concert in 2019. Photo credit: Raph_PH Singer and actress Cher, 75, is officially suing Mary Bono, Sonny Bono’s fourth wife and administrator of the Bono Collection Trust, for allegedly attempting to terminate elements of a multifaceted 1978 agreement covering music projects jointly published by Cher and Sonny. Cher, born in El Centro, recently … Read more

Cher sues Sonny Bono’s heirs for royalties

Cher sues Sonny Bonos heirs for royalties

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Cher is suing the widow of her former musical partner and ex-husband Sonny Bono for royalties on Sonny and Cher songs like “I Got You Babe” and “The Beat Goes On.” In a federal lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Cher alleges that former Representative Mary Bono and other defendants … Read more

Roberto Roena’s widow sues for the musician’s funeral

Roberto Roenas widow sues for the musicians funeral

The Carolina Court of First Instance issued a judgment of provisional interdict and preliminary and permanent injunction in response to a lawsuit filed yesterday by Roberto Roena’s widow, Antonia Maria Nieves Santos, against Gladys Roena, the musician’s daughter. According to the document, signed by the superior judge Ismael Álvarez Burgos, the widow claims “that Mr. … Read more

Cover baby Nevermind sues Kurt Cobain for sexual exploitation of children

Cover baby Nevermind sues Kurt Cobain for sexual exploitation of

The famous man depicted on the Nirvana album cover Nevermind when he was a baby he has sued Kurt Cobain’s estate, alleging that it deals with child pornography and sexual exploitation. Spencer Elden filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles court against the band on Tuesday (August 24) alleging that the image of himself, when he … Read more

Woman who accused singer Nicki Minaj’s husband of rape sues the couple for harassing her and pressuring her to retract her words

Woman who accused singer Nicki Minajs husband of rape sues

Published: 14 ago 2021 20:37 GMT An intermediary offered him $ 20,000 in exchange for signing a prepared statement. The famous American singer Nicki Minaj and her husband, Kenneth Petty, were sued this Friday in the Eastern District Court of New York by a woman allegedly raped by Petty in 1994, for having harassed her … Read more

Bam Margera sues Paramount and Johnny Knoxville for firing him from ‘Jackass Forever’

Bam Margera sues Paramount and Johnny Knoxville for firing him

Without a doubt, one of the biggest surprises that 2021 has given us is the return of Jackass. For a long time we have known that Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O and company were working on a new film that, thanks to the pandemic, had to delay the release date. However, despite the fact that this news … Read more

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney: how much are the salaries of the MCU stars?

1628133833 Scarlett Johansson sues Disney how much are the salaries of

‘Black Widow‘ of Marvel (UCM) broke box office records and caused more than one headache for its protagonist Scarlett Johansson. The actress sued the Walt Disney Company for the decision to release the superhero movie on its streaming platform at the same time as in theaters, an action that would have caused a great economic … Read more

Scarlett Johansson sues Disney for streaming ‘Black Widow’

Scarlett Johansson has filed a lawsuit before the Superior Court of Los Angeles against Disney, alleging that the launch of ‘Black Widow’ on Disney Plus is a breach of their contract. Johansson claimed that his deal with Marvel Entertainment and Disney guaranteed him an exclusive theatrical release, and that his salary was based, in large … Read more

Johansson sues Disney over ‘Black Widow’ streaming premiere

Johansson sues Disney over Black Widow streaming premiere.img

Scarlett Johansson, star of the latest Marvel movie Black Widow, filed a lawsuit against Walt Disney Co. alleging that its contract was breached by the company, reported Thursday The Wall Street Journal. © Provided by La Jornada The actress accuses that the contract was not fulfilled after the film was released on the streaming service. … Read more

Ariana Grande sues Roblox for $ 200 million

Ariana Grande sues Roblox for 200 million

In trouble! The gaming platform, Roblox, is in serious trouble, as the star Ariana Grande He has sued them for copyright, which adds up to 200 million dollars, as they are accused of using songs without permission. LISTEN LIVE PLANET RADIO FROM HERE For its part, the National Association of Music Publishers has requested compensation … Read more