From Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz to Pedro Pascal: 14 celebrities who owe their success to another celebrity

From Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz to Pedro Pascal 14

It is already known: friends are friends and although it is a phrase made, it is still a great truth. A friend or friend is there in good times and in bad times and knows how to help when you are going through a difficulty or at least is going to try. In this note … Read more

Details you did not know about “Mystery in sight”, the current success of Netflix

1680782865 Details you did not know about Mystery in sight the scaled

Audrey and Nick Spitz are back! And this time, it’s them or death Mystery movies have always been an interesting proposal for the audience, since viewing it pushes them to discover the plot on their own, if two beloved actors such as Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are added to this, it is a success. … Read more

In just one week, this new series is a success on Netflix and has already managed to be renewed for a season 2

In just one week this new series is a success

The fiction stars the former star of ‘Super 8’ Gabriel Basso. On March 23, The Night Agent premiered on Netflix, a new original thriller series starring Gabriel Basso, the same one who starred in the JJ Abrams Super 8 film and has been quite a bombshell in just one week of life. The series achieved … Read more

Shakira and Bizarrap: how much they receive daily for the success of their new song

Shakira and Bizarrap how much they receive daily for the

Shakira and Bizarrap They released the single on January 11 at around 7:00 p.m. Colombia time and in a matter of minutes it became one of the most reproduced on the platforms, achieving 25 million views in the first 11 hours on Youtube. With phrases like: “She has the name of a good person, clearly … Read more

Netflix’s “1899”: Can the creators of “Dark” repeat the success, but without time travel?

Netflixs 1899 Can the creators of Dark repeat the success

Before time and space travel became the allies of adventure fiction, the greatest human deeds (and infamies) were set at sea. “Treasure Island”, the Sandokan saga and even the melancholic “Moby Dick” had in common that which is deep, mysterious and dangerous. “1899” of Netflix he wants to recover that feeling of discovery, but in … Read more

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’: Marvel’s success is banned in China for the appearance of a lesbian couple

1652043200 Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness all the cameos

There was a time when China and Marvel were like bread and oil: they went everywhere together. In fact, the American company came to include exclusive scenes for the Asian country in ‘Iron Man 3’ Y much of his box office depended on them. However, at one point along the way, love broke down: if … Read more

The Primavera Sound festival begins its expansion throughout South America with great success in Sao Paulo

The Primavera Sound festival begins its expansion throughout South America

Bjork, during her performance at Primavera Sound in Sao Paulo.Matthias Delacroix (AP) Alberto Guijarro, head of the Barcelona Sala Apolo and one of the main partners of the Spring Sound I couldn’t smile more on Sunday night. Him and the whole team. The festival that this year opened in Sao Paulo (Brazil) the landing of … Read more

The horror movie that no one expected and is a success on Prime Video

Beyond the big productions, the stars recognized around the world and the advertising campaign for many of their films, the platforms also commission minor jobs that are not because smaller productions mean bad movies. What is certain is that subscribers often do not expect these films, which does not prevent them from being massively consumed … Read more