Let’s see more movies! Study confirms that brain activity relaxes when doing so

Lets see more movies Study confirms that brain activity

Watching movies transforms the way humans live and conceive the world. An investigation carried out by neuroscientists from universities pompeu fabra from Barcelona, ​​from Oxford (UK), from Buenos Aires (Argentina) and aarhus (Denmark) has discovered how brain activity changes and relaxes while watching movies. The research, published in the journal “Science Advances”, shows that, When … Read more

A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats like Lady Gaga’s music

A study from the University of Tokyo finds that rats

Anyone can enjoy the music of Lady Gaga. Precisely one of the keys to his success was his Little Monsters [Monstruitos]as she called her followers, who at first considered themselves different, something that the artist herself promoted. Those who might not fall into that category were the rats. Literally the rats, not rat-kids or anything … Read more

A study reveals that concertgoers dance more when the loudspeakers emit infrasound

A study reveals that concertgoers dance more when the loudspeakers

A dance music to which sounds with imperceptible low frequencies are added will encourage more to dance than the same music without these sounds, according to a study conducted by the Canadian MacMaster University. Research proves that when dancing, not only perceptible sound is involved, but also inaudible vibrations of very low tones that drive … Read more

“I made ‘Titanic’ and paid for your study”: this is how James Cameron avoided Fox’s interference in ‘Avatar’

what to james cameron there is no one who coughs on him on a shoot (or outside of it) is something quite well known. Likewise, it is also public and notorious that the director of Avatar has an ego like pandora moon big. Both things that are quite clear in an anecdote that the filmmaker … Read more

The Beatles are the second most popular band in history according to a study: Who leads the list?

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

It has always been clear to me that the most popular, most influential and most important band of all time was the Beatles and there are many things both tangible and intangible that support that theory. Well, now it turns out that a study has come out that contradicts me and all of us who … Read more

Going to festivals leaves us “more connected to humanity”, study concludes

Attending festivals makes us “more connected to humanity” and more likely to help a stranger in need. That was the conclusion a Yale University study , quoted by loudwire . For the researchers of the institution, attending festivals can help create “intense social bonds and feelings of togetherness”, just as it happens in religious meetings. … Read more

Buying a property is again more expensive than renting, according to a study

Buying a property is again more expensive than renting according

With rising mortgage rates, buying property is once again more expensive than renting it, for the first time in 13 years, according to a study by Credit Suisse. Construction costs will also rise as prices soar, economists have warned. In the first quarter, owners had to pay a premium of 3.1% for residential accommodation, while … Read more