Ben Affleck is on his birthday: five of his recent streaming productions

1660634506 Ben Affleck is on his birthday five of his recent scaled

Ben Affleck was born on August 15, 1972, in Berkeley, California, United States. (REUTERS) Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldtknown simply as Ben Affleck, is an American actor, director, producer and screenwriter who today August 15th celebrates another year of life, reaching his 50th birthday. Affleck He began to be one of the most prominent actors in cinema … Read more

Four free websites to watch streaming movies and series

Cinema has traveled from the big screen to the comfort of our homes. today, see films, series and documentaries is much easier than it was several years ago. We are living the boom of the streamingmore and more entertainment companies are competing to deliver their best content to users’ homes. However, the main platforms of … Read more

Lesbian productions with attractive stories to watch in streaming

Lesbian productions with attractive stories to watch in streaming

Stories focused on attractive relationships between women to watch on streaming platforms. (Netflix, HBOMax) For this section we wanted to bring in Infobae a list of excellent and eye-catching plots to see currently on the platforms of streaming. In this regard, over the last few years many new lesbian titles have emerged, so here you … Read more

Actress Anne Heche died: where you can see her best films in streaming

Actress Anne Heche died where you can see her best

Streaming productions in which you can see Anne Heche. (Dark Factory Entertainment, Lightstream Pictures, Fox Searchlight, Anchor Bay Entertainment, Insight Film and Video Production, Lifetime, Columbia Pictures) Anne Celeste Heche died at age 53 after a tragic car accident. “Heaven has a new angel,” reported one of her closest friends. Where you can see his … Read more

“By mandate of heaven” and other recommended premieres between August 8 and 14 on streaming platforms

By mandate of heaven and other recommended premieres between August

The new titles for the second week of August in streaming. (Star Plus, Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max) As of today, Sunday, the new productions that will arrive this second week of August in the services of streamingand as always, Infobae brings them all for you so you don’t miss any. Next, you know the … Read more

HBO Max changes its movie release policy to streaming and Elvis is its first test

In the last days hbo max has been hectic. The streaming service has seen changes, from unannounced releases of titles, name change rumors and more. Now another important fact is added, the change of premieres from cinema to streaming and in Elvis would be the first test. in 2020 hbo max surprised with its hybrid … Read more

In the bowels of the Rolling Stones: the band’s new documentary comes to streaming

In the bowels of the Rolling Stones the bands new

To celebrate 60 years of The Rolling Stones, OnDIRECTV (channels 201 & 1201 HD) will exclusively broadcast the four-part documentary series My Life as a Rolling Stone, which dedicates an episode to the lives of each of its members: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts. The production will also be available through … Read more

Symphonic Distribution buys marketing agency, Streaming Promotions – Music Industry

Symphonic Distribution buys marketing agency Streaming Promotions Music Industry

the music dealer SymphonicDistributionbased in Florida, acquired the marketing agency Streaming Promotionsbased in Nashville, which says its mission is to increase artists’ exposure on streaming services. Commenting on the acquisition, Symphonic CEO, Jorge Breasaid to MBW that “we felt it was important to provide our distributed customers with an authentic marketing experience that can help … Read more

“Argentina, 1985” will come to streaming 3 weeks after its theatrical release

1659472807 Argentina 1985 will come to streaming 3 weeks after its

Ricardo Darín as prosecutor Strassera and Peter Lanzani as judge Moreno Ocampo in “Argentina, 1985”, by Santiago Miter The movie Argentina, 1985which will have its world premiere at the Venice International Film Festival, It will arrive in theaters in Argentina on September 29 and on October 21 it can already be seen on the Amazon … Read more

What to watch if you like ‘RRR’: 3 crazy Indian action movies that you can enjoy streaming along with the great phenomenon of the year

What to watch if you like RRR 3 crazy Indian

Now there is no excuse. ‘RRR‘ is now available in all homes through Netflix and everyone can enjoy the great action phenomenon of the year not called’Top Gun: Maverick‘ and that comes directly from India. after one strange trick that made a labyrinth get to see herthe maximalist movie SS Rajamouli he is already out … Read more