A Master of Sci-Fi and Horror Delivers His Most Challenging Movie in a Twisted, Existential Folktale Coming to Streaming

A Master of Sci Fi and Horror Delivers His Most Challenging

A woman needs to get away for a while from personal demons and traumas that she has witnessed, and looks for the solution in a charming residence in the middle of the English countryside that will take her away from the madding crowd. The nature and charm of small communities seem the perfect antidote to … Read more

Steven Spielberg and a harsh comment against streaming platforms

Streaming platforms marked a before and after to watch movies and series, especially in the pandemic, when they marked a huge presence. Who does not agree with this at all is the great steven spielberg. The person in charge of tanks like Jurassic Park or Saving the private Ryan, was against streaming, especially for Warner … Read more

Rumor: Disney will premiere streaming Indiana Jones 5 after disastrous test functions | tomatoes

Kevin Feige Says There Could Be More Black Widow Style Prequels

Though Harrison Ford world-renowned for bringing Han Solo to life, the actor also has the Indiana Jones franchise to maintain his position within the industry as one of the biggest and most enduring names in Hollywood. The point is that sometimes it is difficult to let go of certain characters and others are simply considered … Read more

Music catalogs gain more value as streaming grows – Music Industry

This documentary can help you love the Holy Mass much

The long-term potential of music streaming has had a growing influence on the price investors will pay for an artist or songwriter’s catalogue. That’s according to a new article titled How Streaming Has Impacted the Value of Music of Larry Millerclinical professor and director of the music business program at New York University’s Steinhardt School … Read more

5 movies or series about Lionel Messi that you can watch in streaming

5 movies or series about Lionel Messi that you can

Leo Messi: the best player in the world Football, crowd passion and much more as the World Cup draws near. A few days before the most important sporting event in the world, many teams and platforms are preparing to capitalize on the previous euphoria. Along this path, Netflix has just released a docuseries about the … Read more

5 films by the directors of “The Manager” that you can watch in streaming

5 films by the directors of The Manager that you

Films created by the directorial duo of “The Manager”, Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat They are the creators of one of the best Argentine series of recent times: Mariano Cohn and Gastón Duprat. The duo is behind the idea and creation of The one in charge, the series that has already broken viewing records on … Read more

Victoria Rodríguez se estrena en streaming: en qué serie actúa y cómo fue su experiencia

Masterchef Celebrity a night full of demands completed the Top.svg

Contenido Exclusivo La nota a la que intentas acceder es exclusiva para suscriptores Suscribirme Conocé nuestros planesy disfrutá de El País sin límites. Ingresar Si ya sos suscriptor podésingresar con tu usuario y contraseña. Victoria Rodríguez es modelo, conductora, actriz de teatro y artista plástica, y ahora también es actriz en una serie internacional. Es … Read more

“Don’t worry honey”, the controversial film by Olivia Wilde and with Harry Styles comes to streaming

Dont worry honey the controversial film by Olivia Wilde and

It’s Olivia Wilde’s new movie as a director with her partner, Harry Styles, as one of the leads and the other is Florence Pugh, the rising star that every studio wants to have. Do not worry honey (Don’t Worry Darling) is the recent feature film directed by Olivia Wilde, starring Florence Pugh and Harry Styles … Read more

Elton John’s last concert in the United States will be broadcast via streaming | Radionics

Elton Johns last concert in the United States will be

Almost 50 years have passed since the British artist Elton John made a legendary presentation at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, a show that catapulted him to world stardom and consolidated him as one of the most important artists of recent times. Now that the artist is leaving the stage, he will return … Read more