6 sports dramas where competition and perseverance dominate the stories

6 sports dramas where competition and perseverance dominate the stories

Throughout the history of cinema, many films decided to tell the B side of sports activities, either because they relate historical events or simply to reflect what high competition implies. These are some of the most interesting movies that closely portray the implications of the sports universe. 6 Shocking Murder Stories You Can’t Miss The … Read more

The double face of sport: stories of heroes and villains that inspired series and movies

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

One of the most painful events in Colombian sport occurred on July 2, 1994: driver Humberto Munoz Castro shot against the defender of the Colombian national team and Atlético Nacional, Andres Escobar. Despite being taken to the emergency room of a medical center, the footballer died within minutes. When the news was known, the world … Read more

All HBO Max premieres in November 2022: ‘The Winchesters’, ‘Osel’, the sequel to ‘Christmas Stories’ and more arrive

All HBO Max premieres in November 2022 The Winchesters Osel

Nope we have nothing left for November to arrive with a time (at least in Salamanca) appropriately more autumnal (it’s about time) and like every end of the month we have a moment to review all the news that will arrive on some of our streaming platforms. After knowing the Disney+ Y Movistar Plus+we are … Read more

Fire: the movie with José Coronado that you have to see if you like revenge stories

throughout the years Jose Coronado He gained fame by becoming one of the most acclaimed Spanish performers in that country. However, his popularity began to get bigger thanks to platforms like Netflix, where millions of people were able to discover his talent and consume his works. In this way he became an acclaimed star in … Read more

The last days: the film with José Coronado that you must see if you like apocalyptic stories

Jose Coronado It has movies for all tastes. Throughout his artistic career, the Spaniard was in charge of starring in different productions that ended up being praised by the audience and by specialized critics. Today we remember an apocalyptic title that drinks directly from the science fiction genre and that will catch you at every … Read more

“The Watcher”, one of the creepiest stories from New Jersey that inspired the Netflix series

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

Derek and Maria Broaddus purchased a Dutch Colonial Revival-style house built in 1905 in Westfield, New Jersey, in June 2014 for $1.3 million. It was the house of his dreams. They never moved and ultimately sold the sprawling six-bedroom estate at a loss of $500,000. Shortly after buying it, the couple started receiving creepy letters. … Read more

It is not worth being surprised by the terrible stories about Bill Murray because Hollywood has been warning of his bad behavior for years

It is not worth being surprised by the terrible stories

The actor has recently made headlines after Genna Davis and Seth Green shared their ordeals with him. However, this is not the first time this has happened. They have been warning for years and nobody wanted to listen, but the number of cases is increasing and it seems that this is the only way for … Read more

Netflix: Scary movie recommendations for fans of these stories

Led Zeppelin reveal images of the Los Angeles concert in

There are many movies and this is good because there is diversity for all tastes. With them we cry, learn, laugh, know and even grow. But they are also fictional entertainment, escapism and distraction; It all depends on what movie it is. The horror genre has many fans and there is something charged with adrenaline … Read more

Christian Bale trusts the stories that transform him

Christian Bale trusts the stories that transform him

Photo VALERIE MACON / AFP (VALERIA MACON/AFP) With a career of around 35 years, the British actor Christian bale He says he continues to find his profession fascinating. His ability to transform his body -up and down in weight- and become different characters has brought him four Oscar nominations with “American Hustle”, “The Big Short”, … Read more

Stories of immigrants: Berto Reyes, exponent musician of the perico ripiao

Stories of immigrants Berto Reyes exponent musician of the perico

Berto Reyes has been playing the accordion for more than 50 years. Instrument that he brought to New York City on a musician’s visa in the early 1990s. Since then he says that he began to represent Dominican folklore by playing in libraries and different social events the contagious rhythm of merengue called perico ripiao. … Read more