“Everyone was shocked”: how the realism of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ gave rise to a helpline for veterans traumatized by the Steven Spielberg film

Everyone was shocked how the realism of Saving Private Ryan

To say that ‘Saving Private Ryan’ is one of the great masterpieces of the prolific war genre is not some baseless outburst. Of the same, it is not unreasonable to affirm that its extraordinary sequence set in the Normandy landings managed to outshine the rest of its brilliant 170 minutes of footage with one of … Read more

Seth Rogen On Fabelmans And Steven Spielberg’s Inhuman Ability To Build Scenes – GameSpot

Seth Rogen On Fabelmans And Steven Spielbergs Inhuman Ability To

Oscar-winning director Steven SpielbergThe next feature to hit theaters could very well be the acclaimed filmmaker’s most personal endeavor yet. The Fabelmans is an intimate insight into Spielberg’s own upbringing and a mirror he holds to his most formative years spent honing what would later become an acclaimed career in film. Co-written by Spielberg and … Read more

The unusual request of David Lynch to participate in the latest film by Steven Spielberg

the next movie of steven spielberg, The Fablemans, has already begun to circulate through festivals and, with it, to be seen and analyzed by different critics and moviegoers in the world. This film, which will be a kind of autobiography, will tell the story of the childhood of a little film lover, and his first … Read more

Steven Spielberg and a harsh comment against streaming platforms

Streaming platforms marked a before and after to watch movies and series, especially in the pandemic, when they marked a huge presence. Who does not agree with this at all is the great steven spielberg. The person in charge of tanks like Jurassic Park or Saving the private Ryan, was against streaming, especially for Warner … Read more

Steven Spielberg fell in love with Diego Luna before ‘Andor’ and sent him a letter

Steven Spielberg fell in love with Diego Luna before Andor

Diego Luna is one of the most recognized Mexicans in Hollywood and long before starring in ‘Andor’ he had already achieved international fame, obtaining several fans along the way and one of them is Steven Spielberg. This has been a great year for Mexicans in Hollywood, we recently saw Gael GarcĂ­a star in werewolf at … Read more

‘From the inside’: Steven Moffat captivates again on Netflix with a detective killer and a priest on the edge

From the inside Steven Moffat captivates again on Netflix with

At the beginning of 2020, Steven Moffat and Mark Gatissarchitects of the appreciable sherlock, seduced some and disconcerted others with their singular modulation of the myth of dracula for Netflix. Moffat, this time solo creatorhas returned to the aforementioned platform, within the framework of the BBC and with the director Paul McGuigan shaping his ideas, … Read more

“It was a big disappointment.” Sylvester Stallone picks his most underrated movie and explains why Steven Spielberg flopped ‘West Side Story’

It was a big disappointment Sylvester Stallone picks his most

Sylvester Stallone is already 76 years old but he is not thinking of retiring at all. Last summer we could see him in ‘Samaritan’ and this week opens ‘Tulsa King’, the first television series that he stars in throughout his career. This has led her to grant several interviews and in one of them she … Read more

Michelle Williams Felt A Big Responsibility Playing Steven Spielberg’s Mom – GameSpot

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Acclaimed director Steven Spielberg wears it all with his latest movie The Fabelmans. A semi-autobiographical drama about his beginnings as a budding filmmaker in a family torn between creativity and objectivity, the film is a chance for the legendary author to open up to the public about what made him such a force in the … Read more