A new adaptation of Stephen King that recovers one of his most terrifying stories

A new adaptation of Stephen King that recovers one of

The story follows a man named Lester Billings who is currently seeing a psychiatrist due to his belief that “The Boogeyman” is terrorizing him by killing his three children. (20th Century Studios) boogeyman (The Boogeyman) is a perfect example of a tale of Stephen King. Although the cinema has dedicated several decades of adaptations to … Read more

Junji Ito is the new Stephen King: how the author who adapts the new Netflix animated series has changed modern horror cinema

1675014160 Junji Ito is the new Stephen King how the author

The premiere on Netflix of ‘Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre‘, has once again put the name of the author of the stories that he adapts in the public showcase, making a small part of his work known to many, adaptations of individual stories that, although they do not represent the entire universe … Read more

Stephen King has enjoyed a new Prime Video series full of fog and suspense

Stephen King has enjoyed a new Prime Video series full

During 2022, Stephen King He was one of our regular “recommenders” when talking about movies and series. The writer from Maine has a predilection for talking on social networks about the productions that he has liked, even when they do not have to do with a book yours. In general, many of Stephen King’s recommendations … Read more

Misery, according to Stephen King: Kathy Bates as James Caan’s torturer | LeMagduCine

Misery according to Stephen King Kathy Bates as James Caans

Last update:November 16, 2022 There are countless excellent novels by Stephen King, nor the excellent films made from it. Whether shining (1980) by Stanley Kubrick remains the reference on the subject, Misery (1990) is another feature film that does well. Chilling behind closed doors (literally and figuratively), Rob Steiner’s film keeps its viewer spellbound to … Read more

Mike Flanagan dreams of shooting ‘The Dark Tower’: the director of ‘The Midnight Club’ has explained how he would adapt Stephen King’s most extensive work

Mike Flanagan dreams of shooting The Dark Tower the director

Mike Flanagan, the director behind ‘doctor sleep‘ Y ‘the midnight club‘ (The Midnight Club) by Netflix, wants to adapt the books of ‘the dark tower‘ (The Dark Tower) by Stephen King at all costs. It is not something strange since it has specialized in the work of the Maine author throughout his career. Bring the … Read more

Stephen King saw Halloween: The final night and this is what he had to say

One of the most important voices of terror it is Stephen King whose word is authorized before each new premiere or presentation of the genre. With the landing of “Halloween: The Final Night”took to the networks to make his criticism. “I have thoroughly enjoyed ‘Halloween: The Finale.’ It doesn’t reinvent the genre, but it’s… Damn! … Read more

Differences between Netflix’s “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone” and Stephen King’s book

Differences between Netflixs Mr Harrigans Phone and Stephen Kings book

On October 5, Netflix premiered “Mr. Harrigan’s phone”, a horror and suspense film based on the homonymous novel written by Stephen King and included in the “If It Bleeds” collection, one of the greatest works of the “Master of Horror”. The film written and directed by John Lee Hancock has received good reviews in its … Read more

Netflix’s most watched horror movie: an adaptation of Stephen King that lasts two hours

Netflixs most watched horror movie an adaptation of Stephen King.webp

This production was recently released and ranks first among the most viewed on the platform. Netflix continues to add new productions to its catalog that quickly become the most chosen on the platform. Mr. Harrigan’s phoneIt is the most viewed of the moment. This horror movie is an adaptation … Read more

It is one of the most unfair failures of recent years and a great horror film: the sequel to one of the most mythical adaptations of Stephen King arrives on Amazon Prime Video

It is one of the most unfair failures of recent

It seems that in Amazon Prime Video I like adaptations of novels Stephen Kingbecause just a few days ago we told you about the arrival on said platform of ‘Item’ and today it’s time to talk about the case of ‘Doctor Sleep’, which has given the surprise appearing there this Thursday, October 6. The most … Read more