Diego Bertie: the artist who started as a musician, became an actor and was close to resuming his first passion

Diego Bertie the artist who started as a musician became

the peruvian actor Diego Bertie He died this Friday, August 5 at the age of 54, after falling from the 14th floor of a building in the Miraflores district. Quickly, colleagues from the national and international entertainment industry shared messages mourning his loss. The also singer gave life to different characters throughout his career, for … Read more

Andrea del Boca recalled her uncomfortable first date with a renowned singer: “I started to cry”

Andrea del Boca recalled her uncomfortable first date with a

Andrea del Boca spoke about her relationship with Silvestre Andrea del Boca He was just four years old when he took his first steps in show business. And from that moment on, he never stopped. Accompanied by the ever-present figures of Ana María, her mother / her assistant, and Nicolás, her father / her director … Read more

Alex Montiel confessed how he would have started the clash between Pedro Sola and “Golden Scorpion”

Alex Montiel confessed how he would have started the clash

After what happened, the driver said that he was hospitalized for a cataract operation. (Photo: @tiopedritosola, @goldenescorpion/ Instagram) Alex Montiel, better known in social networks as Golden Scorpionwas honest about the alleged enmity that Pedro Sola has with his irreverent character, this after apparently caused the driver annoyance during his recent visit to windowing. The … Read more

In this MOVIE would have started ROMANCE by Vicente Fernández and Patricia Rivera | VIDEO

On the occasion of the biographical series ‘The Last King: The Son of the People’, the dark episodes of the life of Vicente Fernandezlike that torrid Romance what did he have with the actress Patricia Rivera and that had serious consequences for the singer’s career, discover how this story of forbidden love began, with the … Read more

The Seth Rogen Movie That Almost Started a World War

What does the name Keanu Reeves mean

Curiosities the actor of Freaks and Geeks revealed how was the time when a production of his was about to cause a global disaster and ended up with private security at his home. By Federico Carestia 05/27/2022 – 22:55 UTC 05/27/2022 – 22:55 UTC © IMDbWhen James Franco was still working with Seth Rogen. There … Read more

Get ready: pre-sale has started for the Gilberto Santa Rosa Bogotá concert

Get ready pre sale has started for the Gilberto Santa Rosa scaled

In the image, the Puerto Rican salsero Gilberto Santa Rosa. EFE/Alicia Civita/File Colombia continues with its concert season; at the beginning of May, Julieta Venegas performed at the Jorge Eliécer Gaitán theater of Bogotá, and later, Gorillaz gave a memorable show at the Movistar Arena, also in the country’s capital. Now, the turn will be … Read more

Oscar Isaac Shares When His Passion For Acting Started: ‘I Played The Devil And Girls Started Getting Interested’ – Home

Oscar Isaac showed a natural love of acting early in life, but an offbeat role at a strict private school made him commit to the stage. When he tapped into the dark side of acting for the first time, a young Isaac was almost astounded by some of the secondary perks that came with the … Read more

Why does official Russian TV say that ‘the third world war has started’?

Why does official Russian TV say that the third world

The presenter Olga Skabeyeva, of the Russian state channel Rossiya 1, assured live that “the third world war has already begun”. This happens after the Moskva ship, flagship of the Russian fleet, sank in the Black Sea after suffering several damages due to an attack by Ukraine. This fact had an official reaction from Russia, … Read more

Golden Age: where the nickname “Springs” came from and how he started his career

1649400725 Golden Age where the nickname Springs came from and how

Photograph of the Golden Age of Adalberto Martínez Resortes. Via Twitter: @elportaldeMty Adalberto Martínez Chávez better known as springs He was a Mexican actor and comedian. His peculiar nickname came from his brother Carlos Martínez who was the one who gave him that name because of his strange way of walking and dancing. At first … Read more

‘Permission to Dance On Stage’: Ticket sales have already started exclusively at Cinépolis and the ARMY is upset

Permission to Dance On Stage Ticket sales have already started

The ARMY is furious and has reflected it through social networks. The reason? Tickets to see ‘Permission to Dance On Stage’ are not yet available on digital platforms, but they are at the Cinépolis box office. Social networks have been filled with doubts and uncertainty because a large part of the ARMY of bts He … Read more