Taylor Swift, Michael Keaton… 15 stars who turned down a leading role in a series

Taylor Swift Michael Keaton… 15 stars who turned down a

These 15 actors and actresses refused a leading role in a series that could have largely changed their careers. Explanations. Update: This article: “15 Stars Who Turned Down Starring Roles On A Series” was released on February 21, 2019. Bella Thorne- Scream If actress Bella Thorne does appear in the series Scream, adapted from the … Read more

Jennifer Lopez’s next thing is not music: she stars in the action-packed movie ‘The Mother’

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

If recently, and after long interruptions, Jennifer Lopez, JLolooked at the time to the cinema and music joining Maluma in ‘marry me‘ Now, directly, he moves away from the musical to bet on action and survival cinema. ‘The Mother’ is cinema Jennifer Lopez appears at the cinema for a film that is set for release … Read more

M*A*S*H stars Mike Farrell and Alan Alda celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first episode | Pretty Reel

MASH stars Mike Farrell and Alan Alda celebrate the 50th

Five decades to the day after M*A*S*H premiered on CBS, two of its stars raised a toast to celebrate the hit TV show’s 50th anniversary. On September 17, 1972, the show aired its first episode, serving as a spin-off of the M*A*S*H movie released in 1970. Its title is an acronym for Mobile Army Surgical … Read more

Patrick Sébastien, Bernard Montiel, Cameron Diaz… These stars who mentioned swinging

Patrick Sebastien Bernard Montiel Cameron Diaz… These stars who mentioned

While M6 will broadcast La Maison d’en face, a series that evokes swinging, some celebrities have not hesitated to practice this little pleasure. This Tuesday, September 20, 2022, M6 is broadcasting the series The house opposite. During six episodes, viewers will discover the life of a quiet neighborhood but which hides many secrets like couples … Read more

“Blonde” and five other biographical films to know the B-side of the stars

Blonde and five other biographical films to know the B side

The gender of biopics It became fashionable in recent years and meant a great challenge for new actors who decided to give their body and soul to interpret these life stories. Some of them had a budding career and others managed to jump to world fame thanks to these biopics. With the imminent release of … Read more

These Movie Stars Have Seen UFOs: Kurt Russell’s Amazing Experience

These Movie Stars Have Seen UFOs Kurt Russells Amazing

The latest video from the show “Tales From The Click” is dedicated to stars who have seen UFOs. Whether or not you believe in an extraterrestrial life form, the episode is damn exciting: a must see! Tales From The Click Tales From The Click strikes again! The YouTube channel launched in 2015 by Jean-Baptiste Toussaint … Read more

PHOTOS – Mostra 2022: Catherine Deneuve, Monica Bellucci, Isabelle Huppert, the most beautiful hairstyles of the stars in Venice – Gala

PHOTOS – Mostra 2022 Catherine Deneuve Monica Bellucci Isabelle Huppert

The 2022 edition of the Venice Film Festival ended on September 10, 2022, leaving behind memories of glitter and distinguished guests. Between the extravagance of the outfits of stars, the hairstyles also stand out for their originality between a worked chignon, straightened hair and a stylized ponytail. Subscribe to your favorite stars and receive their … Read more

Selma Blair reappears: the actress stars in the most exciting moment of the 2022 Emmys

Tonight (early morning in Spain), the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles has dressed up to host the 74th edition of the Emmy Awards, unavoidable appointment for seriéfilos that recognizes the best television productions developed in the last year. In a ceremony focused on paying homage to the small screen, the big winners have been The … Read more

Robert Downey Jr, Zoe Saldana, Chris Evans… with whom are the stars of Avengers Infinity War in a relationship?

Robert Downey Jr Zoe Saldana Chris Evans with whom are

Monday, September 12, 2022, TMC broadcasts Avengers: Infinity War from 9:15 p.m. The opportunity to take an interest in the private life of the many main actors. Unveiled by Marvel in 2018, Avengers: Infinity War is a true reference of American cinema. And its impressive cast has largely contributed to its success by bringing together … Read more

Captain America and Black Panther are the stars of this Marvel video game that presents a trailer

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Action, adventure and espionage in a production that comes from the hand of the writer of Uncharted Ammy Hennig. Once again the network got ahead of the official announcement, but here we have it: Captain America and Black Panther will star in the video game confirmed months ago by Skydance New Media In collaboration with … Read more