Tini: her work with Jackie Chan, her casting for Spielberg and the end of her love with Yatra

What is Elon Musks controversial plan for the Brazilian

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. She is one of the most popular singers in the Río de la Plata and next Friday … Read more

The reason why Steven Spielberg does not want to work with Tom Cruise again

steven spielberg is probably one of the greatest filmmakers in the history of cinema. Secondly, Tom Cruise He is one of the most important and coveted actors in the industry. And the truth is that both knew how to take advantage of their reputations and that is how they joined forces to give life to … Read more

Spielberg wins the Audience Award in Toronto with his autobiographical film

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

The Fabelmansthe film in which steven spielberg recalls his childhood and adolescence, has conquered this Sunday the Audience Award at the Toronto Film Festival, one of the great events of world cinema. This award is the most important of the Canadian contest, since it does not have a jury. Set in post-World War II Arizona, … Read more

“Spielberg has never seemed so human”: First (and enthusiastic) reviews of ‘The Fabelmans’

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

Yesterday the official trailer for The Fabelmans, shortly after the corresponding poster (of a somewhat questionable design, everything is said) also arrived on the Internet. The reason for so much promotion came from the fact that said film was going to have its first showing at the Toronto Festival, which is being held these days, … Read more

The hand that rocks the cradle: the daring thriller that dethroned Steven Spielberg and catapulted Rebecca De Mornay to fame

The hand that rocks the cradle the daring thriller that

One of the imprints of the late filmmaker Curtis Hanson It was, without a doubt, its ductility. The director, who died on September 20, 2016, made an excellent neo-noir work as naked angels, an endearing comedy-drama about family dynamics with In his shoesand also a biopic with Eminem that ran from the formula with 8 … Read more

Steven Spielberg is jealous of Scorsese and this is why

To get to the front line of Hollywood you need talent, dedication, effort and, apparently, a lot of self-demand. He could not but explain himself as an undisputed director like steven spielberg you can get to put less than one of your colleagues. Spielberg, born in Cincinnati in 1946, was passionate about cinema since childhood, … Read more

Los fracasos de Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Spielberg y otros grandes de Hollywood

Mark Zuckerberg shows Project Cambria his virtual reality glasses

¡Un caníbal confeso y un maltratador de mujeres! Tal vez la película tenía un karma. En el 2013, una pomposa versión de El llanero solitario se anunciaba por todas partes, basada en la popular serie de televisión de los años 50. Armie Hammer –que en ese entonces era una fulgurante estrella antes de que estallara … Read more

Steven Spielberg recorded a music video with an iPhone. you can see it now

Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP (Getty Images) Legendary director, writer and producer Steven Spielberg needs no introduction. However, in his 75 years of age and almost 6 decades of career, he had never directed a music video, until now. And his only working tool for the shoot was an iPhone. Surprisingly, musician Marcus Mumford posted the music … Read more

Steven Spielberg records his first music video with a cell phone

Steven Spielberg records his first music video with a cell

Steven Spielberg works on this occasion with his wife, Kate Capshaw, and Carey Mulligan. After a 58-year career in the world of cinema, Steven Spielberg directed and recorded his first video clip, and he did it with a cell phone and in one take. (You may be interested in: Karen Fukuhara: the challenges of playing … Read more

Juliette Binoche: this particular reason why she rejected Steven Spielberg

Juliette Binoche this particular reason why she rejected Steven Spielberg

Wednesday July 13, 2022, Juliette Binoche granted an interview to Variety. The opportunity for the actress to confide why she had never worked with the famous director, Steven Spielberg. At 58, Juliette Binoche starred in more than sixty feature films. If the actress has worked with renowned directors, such as Jacques Doillon, Patrice Leconte, Jean-Luc … Read more