¡Taylor Swift lo hace de nuevo! Anuncia colaboración con Ice Spice y Lana del Rey para ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’

Taylor Swift sorprendió a todos los swifties al dar a conocer poco antes del mediodía que hay nuevo Midnights Deluxe. Bajo el título ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’ la nueva edición contiene un remix de su éxito ‘Karma’ junto a la rapera Ice Spice, una nueva versión de ‘Snow on the beach’ y una canción nueva. Continúa … Read more

Does Victoria Beckham return to the stage? Spice Girls in talks for Glastonbury

Led Zeppelin reveal images of the Los Angeles concert in

It’s no secret that Glastonbury is one of the most important music festivals in the world. Year after year the event is responsible for bring together great artists and music icons and everything seems to indicate that the 2023 edition will not be the exception. According to information leaked by the British newspaper Daily Mail, … Read more

These are Venus 5, the band considered “the Spice Girls of heavy metal”

“The Spice Girls of Heavy Metal”. This is how the emerging group called Venus 5. A band that just released their self-titled debut album. The group is made up of five artists: the Italian Greta Di Iacovo (aka Herma)the Slovenian Karmen Klincthe Serbian Jelena Milovavicthe Swedish Tezzi Persson and the albanian Erina Seitllari. The comparisons, … Read more

Russell Brand’s Wild Love Life: Stunning Supermodels, Spice Girls, and Big Brother – Home

ads Former model Russell Brand previously lived quite a fruitful life in the spotlight and his relationships and sexual conquests often took center stage. Before marrying his current wife Laura, Russell was married to pop sensation Katy Perry. But he was also well known for having dated a number of other famous faces over the … Read more

The Backstreet Boys pay tribute to Spice Girls during concert

The Backstreet Boys pay tribute to Spice Girls during concert

UNITED STATES.- For those who still cannot find the perfect costume for this Halloween, the Backstreet Boys wanted to give their followers some ideas by posting a photo where they dressed exactly like the Spice Girls in 2018, where each of the members dressed up as the famous English group with everything necessary, including makeup, … Read more

The Backstreet Boys dress up as the Spice Girls and surprise with tribute in concert

The Backstreet Boys dress up as the Spice Girls and

The Halloween is fast approaching and while some of us are looking for inspiration for the perfect costume this 2021, some celebrities like Backstreet Boys They present their funniest ideas and now the boy band a native of the United States remembered the time when they dressed as the Spice Girls in 2018. Through their … Read more

Cruella: Lady Gaga, Spice Girls and other curiosities in film with Emma Stone

Cruella Lady Gaga Spice Girls and other curiosities in film

From the announcement of its filming to its arrival on the big screen, Cruella he raised the expectations around him exponentially. In fact, the film was described by many international media as the great comeback of Disney to the remakes of his animated classics. In this case, the story focuses on the beginnings of Estella, … Read more

Tom Holland: his naughty idea to spice up Spider-Man adventures

1623637636 Tom Holland his naughty idea to spice up Spider Man adventures

An old interview with Tom Holland on the microphone of Capital FM resurfaced on June 3. The opportunity to discover a proposal made by the actor to Marvel Studios. A surprising proposition. In 2016, Tom Holland first donned the Spider-Man costume on the big screen. Viewers were first able to find him in Spider Man … Read more

A broken shoulder and a Spice Girls concert: Emma Stone clarifies how she was injured just before filming ‘Cruella’

A broken shoulder and a Spice Girls concert Emma Stone

The actress plays the iconic Disney villain in the character’s origins film. The film, directed by Craig Gillespie, is now available in theaters and on Disney + (via Premium Access at additional cost). Cruella, the film about the origins of the iconic villain of the House of Mickey Mouse, is now available at cinemas and … Read more