While Andrés García spends his last days, Eduardo Capetillo teaches him a lesson.

While Andrés García spends his last days, Eduardo Capetillo teaches him a lesson. September 04, 2022 1:16 p.m. You may also like: The deteriorating health of the actor Andrés García has been the main theme that floods the headlines of the press. The actor remembered for “Chanoc” in the movies, and for “Deceived Women” on … Read more

Ben Stiller spends a few days in Casa de Campo, preparing his new film

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The famous actor Ben Stiller, who was the official voice of the character “Alex”, from the film saga “Madagascar”, is in Dominican territory, preparing what will be his new film. Benjamin Edward Meara Stiller, his real name, stays at the world-class Casa de Campo resort, where he enjoys the hotel’s amenities and services. There he … Read more

Rafael Araneda spends Father’s Day in an emergency hospital: this is what happened to him

Raphael Araneda had to pass the Father’s day in undesirable circumstances: emergency admission to a hospital. it was the same presenter of falling in love who made his circumstances known this Sunday, June 19, while many dads in the US celebrate with their families. Rafael Araneda is hospitalized: this is known about his health The … Read more

Karol G has a replacement! Anuel AA spends the night with his explosive new conquest

Karol G has a replacement Anuel AA spends the night

After having turned the page singing together in The Coliseum of Puerto Rico, the reggaeton players Anuel AA Y Karol G They continue further and further in matters of love. Everything indicates that the Colombian singer already has a replacement and thus it was possible to deduce the reggaeton post some stories on his Instagram … Read more

The animated series Hit-Monkey presents a trailer: this is how the violent Marvel macaque spends them

1632285572 The animated series Hit Monkey presents a trailer this is how

Following Marvel’s absorption of the rights of third-party companies and productions from Marvel Television, the first releases are already starting to arrive through Disney+, although in this case through the channel Star for content more adults. This is the case of the new animated series of Hulu based on Marvel’s killer monkey Hit-Monkey, which premieres … Read more