Spectacular trailer for ‘Uncharted’: this is how faithfully Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake replicates video games

Spectacular trailer for Uncharted this is how faithfully Tom Hollands

After a leak of part of the trailer, Sony has released the first full trailer of the adaptation of the adventures of Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, the Indiana Jones lookalike favorite with video game fans. And not another thing, but after the initial doubts about whether or not Holland would look too youthful to … Read more

How is Renée Zellweger’s spectacular Los Angeles mansion

How is Renee Zellwegers spectacular Los Angeles mansion

Thanks to the various characters that he knew how to interpret during his long career, but especially with the success he achieved by embodying Bridget Jones, Renée Zellweger She became one of the favorite actresses in the Hollywood world and her private life also became a fairy tale of which fans want to know every … Read more

Wedding in the Kardashian clan! Kourtney Kardsashian commits to this spectacular ring

The most famous celebrities on the social scene are going to a wedding. The Kardashian sisters continue to celebrate with various pieces 42-year-old Kourtney’s recent engagement, who will give the yes I want to her boyfriend Travis Barker, 45, as he has just confirmed in his profiles. Just a brief “forever” accompanied by romantic snapshots … Read more

Marco Antonio Solís’s wife shows her spectacular beauty and makes everyone fall in love

Marco Antonio Soliss wife shows her spectacular beauty and makes

Without a doubt the wife of Marco Antonio Solis continues to gain more popularity in social networks, so much so that in its official accounts it has followers from all over the world. For their part, through their profiles, Cristy Solis, shares various moments of her personal life with her husband as well as with … Read more

Venom: Let There Be Carnage: Explaining the Spectacular Post-Credit Scene

Venom Let There Be Carnage Explaining the Spectacular Post Credit Scene

By Guy Acurero October 12, 2021 at 09:48 a.m. Warning: This note may contain spoilers for the movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage. Can a post-credit scene in a film be so spectacular as to be classified as the best of the film? The answer is yes and it is confirmed by Venom: Let There … Read more

TXT gave a spectacular concert, the best moments of ACT: BOY

TXT gave a spectacular concert the best moments of ACT

The idols of TXT showed all of their talents in their first solo performance, there is no doubt that they have everything to dominate any place they step on and with their ACT: BOY concert they showed all their brilliance. TXT I wanted more than anything else, to have her first concert complete and alone, … Read more

Apple TV + has one of the most spectacular series on television

1633274389 Apple TV has one of the most spectacular series

It is costing him, but little by little Apple TV+ it is making a dent in the world of streaming, and also in the serial conversation. If with Ted Lasso has achieved its first (and so far only) great success, causing everyone to talk every week and triumphing in the last edition of the Emmy … Read more

Venom: This is how spectacular Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man would look in the black suit

1633116991 Venom This is how spectacular Andrew Garfields Spider man would look

Venom: There Will Be Carnage hits theaters next week, and a fan has created a spectacular fan art showing Andrew Garfield in Venom’s costume. Venom: There will be carnage He promises to further expand the Venomverse with Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, whom it is very likely that we will see interact with the Spider-Man … Read more

Spectacular trailer for ‘Don’t Look Up’ with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence

1632739960 Spectacular trailer for Dont Look Up with Leonardo DiCaprio and

In order not to look up, as noted in the new tape of Netflix, the truth is that in Vandal Random we are very aware of the distribution of stars of the new film of Adam McKay. It is something seldom seen, an incredible collection of Hollywood big names, all together in a story about … Read more

Spectacular trailer for ‘Matrix Resurrections’: Neo returns to lead the fight against the machines in the most anticipated return of the year

Spectacular trailer for Matrix Resurrections Neo returns to lead the

It is amazing that the content of this first trailer was not leaked to the public after it was seen by a privileged few at CinemaCon. But that’s the way it has been, and these long-awaited first images of the fourth installment of Matrix (if we do not count the juicy prequels and sequels that … Read more