“Our story was poorly told”: Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar speak about their relationship for the first time

Our story was poorly told Maite Perroni and Andres Tovar

Maite Perroni and Andrés Tovar spoke for the first time about their relationship and shared their feelings about the criticism and accusations of those who have been subjected after announcing their engagement, because at the beginning it was speculated that the former RBD had been the alleged guilty of divorce between producer and actress Claudia … Read more

‘The power of the dog’: Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst refused to speak to each other during filming

The power of the dog Benedict Cumberbatch and Kirsten Dunst

Fan of fantasy, the ‘thriller’ and science fiction. Live within the walls of Hogwarts, made-up worlds and superhero stories. What’s New from Director Jane Campion premieres on Netflix on December 1. The power of the dog, the new film by director Jane Campion, opens in Netflix the December 1st after passing through movie theaters on … Read more

“We just left a gift for Micky” Palazuelos would speak ill of “El Sol”

We just left a gift for Micky Palazuelos would speak

Roberto Palazuelos will talk about Luis Miguel. Are you looking to take revenge? | Instagram Roberto Palazuelos announces that he is preparing a series in which Luis Miguel himself would appear, and in which “Sun of Mexico“I can feel the same as him when he was portrayed as a gossip in” Luis Miguel: The series. … Read more

Benedict Cumberbatch explains why he refused to speak to Kirsten Dunst on set

Benedict Cumberbatch explains why he refused to speak to Kirsten

Benedict Cumberbatch has revealed why he refused to speak to Kirsten Dunst on the set of their new movie. The pair play side by side in The power of the dog, which is set to land on Netflix soon and sees Cumberbatch playing a cowboy working on a ranch in the 1920s. Dunst plays his … Read more

Manuel Ojeda shared how he filmed a movie with Michael Douglas without knowing how to speak English

Manuel Ojeda shared how he filmed a movie with Michael

The actor has made more than 300 projects for film and television (Photos: IMDB.) Manuel Ojeda is an actor who has a great career in the film and television industry, he is also one of the few actors who had the opportunity to work with Michael Douglas and Danny DeVito and in an interview with … Read more

Lady Gaga lets the music speak for itself – Marseille News

Sometimes less ends up being rather more. For her fifth album, Joanne, Lady Gaga took a step back from the drama of its previous release, Artpop. This time around, she was determined to deaden the noise and let her music speak for itself. Listen to Joanne on Apple Music and Spotify. It would be wrong … Read more

(They don’t speak Spanish) “I’m not interested, let them learn!”: Executive at Marvel launch

They dont speak Spanish Im not interested let them learn

Victoria Alonso, vice president of Marvel Studios, went viral when speaking in Spanish during an interview at the premiere of a new production and he sent everyone to learn the language. The funny moment happened during the premiere of the new Marvel movie, “Eternals”, in previous days. Just when they were interviewing Salma Hayek and … Read more

The crazy Addams: a new movie and the announcement of a series speak of the validity of these eccentric characters

The crazy Addams a new movie and the announcement of

The marriage of the family, Homer and Morticia, two adorable people Two seasons made the Addams family one of the most famous on world television. In Latin America it was not enough that they were family and the series was called The crazy Addams, an unnecessary and even contradictory underline, since the song in its … Read more

The story of María Félix’s forbidden film that everyone remembers, but few speak

The story of Maria Felixs forbidden film that everyone remembers

The name of Maria Felix It is written in gold letters in Mexican cinema. Putting national cinematography in style and attracting the spotlight to Latin America at a time when Hollywood, in full swing, monopolized each and every one of the relevant productions, the role of ‘Maria Bonita‘was the cornerstone in a project that decorated … Read more

“The NTV lies”: MTV and Grey’s Anatomy actress speak out in the face of political crisis in Cuba

The NTV lies MTV and Greys Anatomy actress speak out

The popular American channel MTV and the Cuban-American actress Jeanine Mason, known for playing Dr. Sam Bello on the series Grey’s Anatomy, became aware of the situation suffered by the Cuban people, victims of repression, persecution and censorship by the regime after the Massive 11J protests. In several Instagram stories, the American channel shared messages … Read more