CHANEL is EXCITED with the reception of the Spanish before the GRAND FINAL of EUROVISION 2022

> CHANEL is EXCITED with the reception of the Spanish before the GRAND FINAL of EUROVISION 2022 – YouTubeAboutPressCopyrightcontact uscreatorsAdvertisedevelopersTermsPrivacyPolicy & SafetyHow YouTube worksTest new features We want to give thanks to the writer of this short article for this remarkable content CHANEL is EXCITED with the reception of the Spanish before the GRAND FINAL … Read more

Belinda is clear: a Spanish boyfriend to forget Christian Nodal

Belinda He is in one of the best stages of his artistic career, since he has returned to his beginnings, television, hand in hand with Netflix. For a few weeks, the singer has been living in Spain where he is currently working and presenting his most recent work. Related news This is the series “welcome … Read more

Javier Olivares (The Ministry of Time) will direct the series on the history of Dinamic Software, the iconic Spanish developer

Paramount prepares a new series of Jackass again with Johnny

Those who already have gray hair, or almost, will have a space in their memory for one of the video game empires that emerged in Spain throughout the 1980s. We refer, of course, to Dynamic Software. Created by the Ruiz brothers (Pablo, Victor and Nacho)Dinamic Software consolidated Spain’s position in the technological world and, especially, … Read more

Welcome to Eden, the Spanish miniseries that is in the global top of Netflix, is about five young people who are trapped on an island

One of the best bets proposed Netflix in recent times is to discover different productions from different countries. But lately, Spain has been adding success after another, as is the case with welcome to eden the new spanish miniseries Netflix, It premiered 2 days ago and is already in the global top of the platform. … Read more

The experiment of a Spanish TV program: they confronted several “haters” with their victims and the consequences were unexpected

The experiment of a Spanish TV program they confronted several

Haters and attacked, face to face in the cycle El Hormiguero (@pablomotos) “Whenever you want, you can read your tweet out loud”, invites a voiceover. “Juan del Val is a bad person,” reads a man sitting in a small room in front of a camera. It is not a casting nor are the lines of … Read more

The Spanish evangelist of the crypto world who will make a film with Ridley Scott

The drugs code developers took in Silicon Valley in the early 21st century To increase their productivity, nootropics brought Francisco Gordillo (Madrid, 1971) to the crypto world. “As I investigated this industry and its potential, I came across a new concept for me, bitcoin, which was used as a means of payment for these illegal … Read more

Brian May releases the video for his new song, which he performs in Spanish

the london musician Brian May published his new music video for “Otro Lugar”, a work recorded in Spanish and shot at the Teide Observatory, in Tenerife, and at his “dear tree” on the island of El Hierro, all locations in the Spanish Atlantic Canary Islands , which also appears on the “Another World” album cover. … Read more

The Spanish horror film to revive the city of Madrid in the 90s

There are many genres of movies that fascinate the audience. It could be said that it is a very extensive list and that there are options for all tastes. But, without a doubt, viewers are always on the lookout for a good horror movie. Those productions that manage to keep you glued to the screen … Read more

The Spanish Mediapro stayed with the three Fox Sports channels in Argentina

The Spanish Mediapro stayed with the three Fox Sports channels

One of the Fox Sports studio The Mediapro Group kept the Fox Sports channels in Argentina. The Spanish company received authorization from the Argentine Government, through the National Commission for the Defense of Competition (CNDC), for the acquisition of three Fox Sports sports channels owned by The Walt Disney Company (TWDC) in Argentina and which … Read more