This is how “Julieta” sounds, the new single by Paulo Londra

This is how Julieta sounds the new single by Paulo

Paulo Londra broke records and took over the No. 2 spot on Spotify’s Global Chart with his song “Plan A”. Photo: Courtesy “Juliet” of Paul London It is the reggaeton that the fans of the Cordovan star longed for. It was produced by sky breakingin collaboration with Federico Vindver, the producer behind Paulo’s new releases. … Read more

This is FLO, the girlband that promises to revolutionize the music scene with the sounds of Destiny’s Child

Take note of these names: Reneé Downer, Stella Quaresma and Jorja Douglas. Why? Very simply, they are part of the new girlband that promises to become one of the most important of the 2020s. After the separation of Fifth Harmony and of LittleMix, we began to yearn for that female empowerment that women’s groups bring … Read more

This is how Kerry King’s new band (Slayer) sounds: “It’s crushing” –

This is how Kerry Kings new band Slayer sounds Its

July 31, 2022 4:26 pm published by Drafting – For some time now we have known different news about the guitarist’s new project Kerry King after the separation of slayer. Not a long time ago he lamented that the historic thrash metal band was no longer active and defined his new adventure as something “fucking … Read more

This is how Mötley Crüe sounds in 2022: these are the videos of the band on “The Stadium Tour”

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

You can already see some videos of the most powerful songs of the new Mötley Crüe tour, “The Stadium Tour”. This is how the band sounds a few weeks after their return to the stage: “The Stadium Tour” It began on June 16 in Atlanta and concerts in Georgia, Miami and Orlando would follow. Two … Read more

This is how the “Level of perreo” by J Balvin and Ryan Castro sounds

This is how the Level of perreo by J Balvin

The two generations of Colombian reggaeton, the one that represents J Balvinas one of the pioneers, and that of Ryan Castro, with the new talents, they came together to perform a song. “Trolling level” is the title of the song in which both artists bet on a rhythm that perfectly combines the sounds of reggaeton … Read more

This is how “Lisa” sounds, by Gustavo Cerati, in symphonic version

This is how Lisa sounds by Gustavo Cerati in symphonic

The name of Gustavo Cerati’s album will be: “14 Symphonic Episodes / Live / National Auditorium / Mexico City / February 2002”. Starting this Friday, the symphonic version of the song “Lisa”, recorded by Gustavo Cerati during his concert at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, on February 9, 2002, is available for the first … Read more

Woman sang Gloria Trevi’s song outside her concert and they viralized it: “She sounds hurt, but from her voice”

Woman sang Gloria Trevis song outside her concert and they

Fan of Gloria Trevi cries in concert (Photo: Screenshot/Tiktok) Gloria Trevi has been characterized throughout his career by connecting with his audience through through the musicso much so that, on this occasion, a woman who attended the concert last June 4 that the interpreter gave in the Dome Care of Nuevo Leon went viral after … Read more

Video: “Don’t worry”, this is how Shakira’s new success sounds with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta

Shakira’s new single with the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta titled Don’t You Worry or better, Don’t worryhas almost a million views on YouTube, after being released about 9 hours ago. “I love this collaboration with a song, with a nice message and not just twerking and promiscuous empowerment and all that is in … Read more

Legislative: Adrien-Laurent Bernelle sounds the hour of the “Reconquest!” in the 1st district of Cher

Legislative Adrien Laurent Bernelle sounds the hour of the Reconquest in

This energy engineer lives in Sancerrois. It is defined as conservative and wants to defend the French identity. Adrien-Laurent Bernelle is the Reconquest candidate! on the first district of Cher (Bourges/Sancerre/Aubigny sur Nère). under the colors of Eric Zemmour’s party. With an RN candidate also present, Adrien-Laurent Bernelle, a novice in politics, knows that it … Read more

The AC/DC song that Guns N’ Roses could play in Seville: this sounds at their concerts

After eight months away from the stage, Guns N’ Roses returned to action on June 4 in a concert that kicked off their European tour, which will pass through Stevilla on June 7. This first show took place in Alges, Portugal. (via Ultimate Classic Rock) One of the big surprises of the night was a … Read more