HBO executives ‘were concerned’ ‘Sopranos’ star James Gandolfini ‘stays alive’, book says

HBO executives were concerned Sopranos star James Gandolfini stays alive

HBO executives feared for the health of “Sopranos” star James Gandolfini on set. The claim was made in a new book titled “Tinderbox: The Ruthless Pursuit of New Frontiers in HBO” written by journalist James Andrew Miller. For the book, former Time Warner chairman and HBO CEO Jeff Bewkes spoke to Miller about executives who … Read more

Angelina Jolie with the ‘Eternals’ and the origin of ‘The Sopranos’

Angelina Jolie with the Eternals and the origin of The

A total of fourteen films will debut in theaters this Friday, including one of the surprises of the Spanish cinema of the year, the thriller by Juanjo Giménez ‘Tres’ Angelina Jolie in charge of Marvel’s “Eternals”, a film about the origins of “The Sopranos” or the award-winning in Berlin “The Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy” … Read more

The creator of ‘The Sopranos’ reveals Tony’s fate 14 years after the end of the series

1636071705 The creator of The Sopranos reveals Tonys fate 14 years

Published: 4 nov 2021 18:16 GMT David Chase made some musings about the restaurant scene, but also admits that he didn’t initially plan to end the plot that way. The creator of ‘The Sopranos’, David Chase, has revealed what happened to Tony Soprano, the main character, in the abrupt end of the series in 2007. … Read more

David Chase negotiates with HBO Max a new series of “The Sopranos”

David Chase negotiates with HBO Max a new series of

25 Oct 2021 – 12:30 p. m. The screenwriter previously revealed that if he were to return to the world of The Sopranos, any project would take place after the film, which is set in the late 1960s and 1970s, and before the original series. The Sopranos will continue your story with The saints of the … Read more

Steven Van Zandt recalls taking the helm of ‘The Sopranos’ before James Gandolfini: ‘The wisest heads prevailed’

Steven Van Zandt recalls taking the helm of The Sopranos

Steven Van ZandtThe beginnings of an actor were almost very different. The 70-year-old rocker is known to have played Silvio Dante in ” Les Sopranos“, Which was his first time on screen, except for a blink cameo and you will miss it in the years 1985” American flyers. » The star appeared in 79 of the … Read more

With the help of James Gandolfini’s son, ‘The Sopranos’ return

With the help of James Gandolfinis son The Sopranos return

Por Jill Serjeant LOS ANGELES, Sep 28 (Reuters) – How do you get back to the world of “The Sopranos” without James Gandolfini? Casting the late actor’s son the role of a troubled teenager who will later become a fearsome New Jersey mob boss and one of the most beloved characters in pop culture. Fourteen … Read more

James Gandolfini’s son Michael reveals differences between their versions of iconic ‘Sopranos’ character

James Gandolfinis son Michael reveals differences between their versions of

Fans of ” Les Sopranos “Have the opportunity to return to the universe of the series with the new film” The Many Saints of Newark – but with a few major differences. The film is a prequel to the popular HBO mafia dramas, featuring many of the same characters played by new, younger actors. Among … Read more

A la Tony: 9 epic and memorable lines from ‘the Sopranos’ you need to remember

1632890018 A la Tony 9 epic and memorable lines from the

It is known, but it does not hurt to reaffirm: The Sopranos (or ‘The Sopranos’, as you prefer) is one of the best television series of all time. Even for a huge segment of the public and critics, it is the most important and iconic show in the history of the entertainment industry. Anyway, at … Read more

James Gandolfini’s son Michael, 22, looks like his father at ‘Sopranos’ premiere – Reuters

James Gandolfinis son Michael 22 looks like his father at

Bada bing! Michael Gandolfini was the spitting image of his late father as he attended the premiere of “The Many Saints Of Newark”, the movie where Michael plays a young Tony Soprano! James Gandolfini looked with pride on Wednesday (September 22) at his son, Michel Gandolfini, bathed in the glow of camera flashes as she … Read more

James Gandolfini would turn 60: the failed casting for The Sopranos, 3 million dollars for not working and a surprise death

1631984154 James Gandolfini would turn 60 the failed casting for The

James Gandolfini achieved his consecration with Tony Soprano and, at the same time, revolutionized the way of acting on television It could be the great opportunity of a lifetime. At least it was one he hadn’t had yet. To star in a series. He was 37 years old and had not yet achieved a leading … Read more