Joe Jonas cambia en pleno concierto la letra de la canción que compuso a Sophie Turner

Joe Jonas cambia en pleno concierto la letra de la

Joe Jonas no está atravesando un momento fácil. El vocalista de los Jonas Brothers anunció hace unos días, a través de un comunicado conjunto, su divorcio de Sophie Turner, después de cuatro años de matrimonio y dos hijas en común. A pesar de que la ya ex pareja había decidido no pronunciarse más al respecto. … Read more

Game Of Thrones : Emilia Clarke, Kit Harrington, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner… que deviennent-ils ?

Game Of Thrones Emilia Clarke Kit Harrington Maisie Williams

1. | Sansa et Arya Stark, une relation d’amour à sens unique avec Marvel ? Ouvrons le bal avec Arya et Sansa Stark, respectivement incarnées par Maisie Williams et Sophie Turner. Deux performances époustouflantes, avec un coup de coeur du redac-chef pour Arya et son développemment.   Pou Maisie, le tournage de Game Of Thrones … Read more

Sophie Turner, alias « Sansa Stark », vape ! – Oneshot Media

Sophie Turner alias Sansa Stark vape

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons Découverte dans la série à succès Game of Thrones grâce à son rôle de « Sansa Stark », Sophie Turner est désormais une actrice anglaise de renommée mondiale. Et, comme de nombreuses autres célébrités britanniques, la vape fait également partie de la panoplie ! Sophie Turner, actrice emblématique de … Read more

Pierce Brosnan (The world is not enough) under the total charm of Sophie Marceau: “He said weird things about me”

Pierce Brosnan The world is not enough under the total

By Mafalda Betty &nbsp|&nbspWriter Citizen of the world who loves the blind tests of the 90s, she is passionate about heart stories with or without happy endings of French and international personalities. Superproduction with striking stunts, “The world is not enough” is also a film with a sublime female cast, we can check it this … Read more

Sophie Marceau: the columnists of TPMP People return to the comments made by the actress about her sexuality

Sophie Marceau the columnists of TPMP People return to the

By Romain Charp – Published on June 03, 2023 at 21:59modified on June 03, 2023 at 22:08 The columnists of TPMP People returned to the remarks made in May by Sophie Marceau about her sexuality, this Saturday, June 4. In particular, they explained the terms used by the actress last month. Despite the departure of … Read more

Sophie Marceau in 5 outstanding roles, from “La Boum” to “Everything went well”

Sophie Marceau in 5 outstanding roles from La Boum to scaled

In the captivating A woman of our time by Jean-Paul Civeyrac, in theaters on October 5, Sophie Marceau embodies a magnetic curator and avenging novelist. At the same time, the 55-year-old actress is the subject of a retrospective at the Cinémathèque in Paris. Until October 13, many cult films by the woman who was France’s … Read more

Sophie Marceau: a warm reunion with her cinema mother! (PICTURES)

Sophie Marceau a warm reunion with her cinema mother PICTURES

Already more than 40 years since Sophie Marceau revealed herself in The party. On the sidelines of a retrospective on the actress at the Cinémathèque, she found a face well known to fans of the cult romantic comedy this Thursday, September 29. The continuation under this advertisement If I tell you Reality… Whether we like … Read more

Sophie Marceau saved a small abandoned dog – She then considers him “an angel fallen from heaven”

Sophie Marceau saved a small abandoned dog She then

Sophie Marceau is an animal rights activist. For our animal friends, the actress does not hesitate to raise her voice. Note that a few years ago, she decided to save a small abandoned dog by adopting it. We give you more details about it. Fallen in love with the canine, the pretty brunette is happy … Read more

Sophie Tapie in mourning: she announces the death of a loved one, heartbreaking revelations

Sophie Tapie in mourning she announces the death of a

A few days ago, Sophie Tapie announced on the web that she was in mourning. Who would she have lost again? We note that the latter has just come out of recovering from the death of her father. Apparently, it would be a very dear to the daughter of Bernard Tapie. To know his identity, … Read more