On video: The strength of Nathy Peluso breaks into Sónar 2022

Nathy Peluso She has become one of the most revolutionary artists in the international music industry. Her talent has reached millions of people around the world, who discover a new way of making music and releasing her feelings. Argentina can not only be included within the urban music scene. He has dared with everything: electronic … Read more

Get to know the schedule of “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai”, “Soñar Conti” and other Turkish telenovelas on Telefe

Get to know the schedule of Fugitiva Zuleyha Hercai Sonar

Currently, Telefe’s programming has a wide variety of turkish soap operas, which are acclaimed by their viewers thanks to their stories, their characters and the great interpretive work of their famous actors. In this way, “Fugitiva”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Soñar Conti” are just some of the productions that have become the favorites of their audience. … Read more

“Fugitive”, “Züleyha”, “Hercai” and “Soñar con tú”: schedule of the week for Turkish telenovelas on Telefe

1650323269 Fugitive Zuleyha Hercai and Sonar con tu schedule of the

Turkish soap operas have become in recent years true freaks, even outside their country of origin. Argentina is one of the countries that has received with open arms and very successfully to these television productions. A) Yes, the audience can enjoy fictions such as “Hercai”, “Fugitiva” or the famous “Züleyha” (also known as “Tierra amarga”). … Read more

Marco Mezquida, a superhuman concert at the start of Sónar

Marco Mezquida a superhuman concert at the start of Sonar

Marco Mezquida knows what it is to improvise with great creators, from a Marc Miralta to a Sílvia Pérez Cruz, musicians gifted to circumvent predictable grids and patterns, but surely He had never had them with such a disconcerting ‘partner’ as this Wednesday in room 2 of the Auditori. On stage, sharing the plane with … Read more

Sónar takes up the pulse with more than 100 concerts and activities

Sonar takes up the pulse with more than 100 concerts

A dense grid of concerts, complemented by conferences, demonstrations and other activities, will put Sónar back in orbit next week, from October 27 to 30, with its first edition entirely in person (it will also be offered on streaming) from 2019. A 28th Sónar based in three stages, the Auditorium, the CCCB and the Poble … Read more

Sónar returns in October with two new festivals and a series of concerts

1631941666 Sonar returns in October with two new festivals and a

Sónar has announced its return with three new proposals concentrated in October. The highlight is the new AI and Music S + T + ARTS Festival that will be held on October 27 and 28, with almost all the concerts at the Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). 21 musical shows that integrate artificial … Read more