Diana Carolina, the trend in social networks for broadcasting the Bad Bunny concert on TikTok | Music | Entertainment

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

A number of 26 thousand people connected to the Tik Tok account of Diana Carolina to enjoy, from your devices, the ‘World’s Hottest Tour’ that Bad Bunny offered tonight at the Atahualpa Olympic Stadium. Fans dress in Bad Bunny style for their concert in Quito For two hours the user broadcast from TikTok one of … Read more

‘Tori and Lokita’: the Dardennes make the best kind of social cinema possible, as real and emotional as it is devastating

Tori and Lokita the Dardennes make the best kind of

Tori and Lokita’s life is full of contradictions: they are together, but totally alone in a France that does not want to know about them. They are not family, but they are more brothers than many by blood. They are survivors that no one is interested in seeing survive. The new thing about the Dardennes … Read more

The photo of Laura Bozzo’s “new face” that went viral on social networks

The photo of Laura Bozzos new face that went viral

Laura Bozzo is popular for her iconic phrase “Let the unfortunate pass” (Photo: MEZCALEN) Laura Bozzo maybe is, one of the most beloved international TV presenters and, at the same time, most criticized on the small screen. Since her foray into television in 1994, she has not stopped reaping triumphs in her professional career. In … Read more

“There are no more movie stars”: Jennifer Aniston misses the past and the time when there were no social networks

There are no more movie stars Jennifer Aniston misses the

A few decades have passed since a pizpireta Jennifer Aniston dance in a fountain with his friends to the rhythm of The Rembrandts. Along the way there have been painful separations, movies, series and the current perception that at 53 he has a mix of homesickness, bad blood and no mince on his tongue. The … Read more

Salma Hayek and Channing Tatum are too affectionate and raise the temperature on social networks

The Mexican actress, businesswoman and producer, Salma Hayekhas drawn attention in the social networks because of a post channing tatum. The artist who received a nomination for “Best Lead Actress”, she began her career in Mexico, starring in the telenovela “Teresa”. Later the race Salma Hayek He achieved enormous success in Hollywood after participating in … Read more

A nursing home, a social shelter and a hospital threaten the Apolo, Bóveda and Clap concert halls

Elon Musk claims he is working to prevent Tesla from scaled

Apolo and Bóveda in Barcelona and Clap in Mataró, three of the most important concert halls in Catalonia, will soon have new neighbors: a private geriatric residence, a municipal shelter for social emergencies and a private hospital, respectively. “It is creating a potential problem of coexistence where there is none”, those responsible for the three … Read more

Fan knelt before Daddy Yankee in full concert; This was the moment that went viral on social networks

Fan knelt before Daddy Yankee in full concert This was

By Robert Chain October 06, 2022 at 9:04 p.m. A magical moment during the passage of daddy yankee by Ecuador went viral on social networks. And not only, but “Cangri” himself published it from his Instagram account. A boy, while the Puerto Rican gave his concert in Guayaquil, climbed onto the stage and knelt to … Read more

It’s Netflix’s best original movie this year: a spectacular portrait of escalating violence in times of social emergency reminiscent of Michael Mann and ‘1917’

Netflix loses one of the best time travel movies in

Those who shout to the heavens at the forced inclusion of women and minorities in modern adaptations of classics will be right, because even the remake of Italian fascism has changed its male protagonist for a woman. Fuck off, the rise of extremist and hate speech even the Italian institutions is something worrying that can … Read more

Controversy surrounds ‘Don’t worry, dear’, but that doesn’t stop it from being a remarkable piece of social science fiction.

Controversy surrounds Dont worry dear but that doesnt stop it

All the defects that you hear attributed to ‘Don’t worry, dear’, which hits theaters today, are true. His two hours could have used some conciseness and a cut of twenty minutes of footage. Some actors, especially Harry Styles, pale next to the extraordinary work of Florence Pugh. Y the film is the victim of a … Read more