‘Cobra Kai’ Star Ralph Macchio Explains Why He Turned Down Will Smith’s ‘Karate Kid’ Remake: ‘The Door Was Open’ – Up News Info

Cobra Kai Star Ralph Macchio Explains Why He Turned Down

Will Smith asked Ralph Macchio to star in his remake of ‘The Karate Kid’ – but the actor who played the famous role of Daniel LaRusso turned down the offer. The ‘Cobra Kai’ star has shared her story in a new memoir titled “Wax On: The Karate Kid and Me,” which details his rise to … Read more

Mexrrissey: The Mexican tribute band to The Smiths and Morrissey

Mexrrissey The Mexican tribute band to The Smiths and Morrissey

Our country is one of the territories with the most spirit at the time of create artfor decades we have been known for the disruptionthe irreverence and on top of that, the talent. This is how it is born mexrrisseya combination of Mexican rhythms like the mariachigiving up tribute to one of the most beloved … Read more

Zoë Kravitz regrets responding to Will Smith’s slap: “It’s a scary time to have an opinion”. – Media Patrollers

Оut dе tоutеѕ lеѕ ѕtаrѕ quі оnt аѕѕіѕté at lа Оѕсаrѕ in March last, Zо Кrаvіtz а been one of рluѕ vіrulеntѕ with regard to gіflе. Will Smith gave to Сhrіѕ Rосk. Dаnѕ ѕа tеntаtіvе dе рrоtесtіоn dе l’аrt, еllе а роѕté unе рhоtо dе lа rоbе qu’еllе роrtаіt lоrѕ dе l’événеmеnt, tоut еn nоtаnt … Read more

Oscar producer reacts to Will Smith’s public apology to Chris Rock, ‘He’s open about his remorse’ | Hip Hop Corner: French rap, US and culture news

Oscar producer reacts to Will Smiths public apology to Chris

More than five months after the slap of Will Smith during the 94ᵉ edition of the Oscars in March 2022, the subject continues to animate the news. While Will recently apologized to the comedian in a video that went around the world, Oscar producer Will Packer just hailed the act. Will Packer applauds actor Smith’s … Read more

Chris Rock’s brother would have revealed the reason for Will Smith’s slap

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

Almost four months have passed since the scandal that broke out after the slap that actor Will Smith gave comedian Chris Rock, in the middle of the Oscar Awards ceremony held in Los Angeles, United States. The aggression was recorded after an intervention by the comedian at the gala in which he made a joke … Read more