Cunto dinero est perdiendo Will Smith, por no hablar de The Slap en pblico?

Han pasado 90 días desde que Will Smith decidió ser tendencia, tras darle una cachetada a Chris Rock en televisión, durante la ceremonia de los Premios Oscar 2022, al reaccionar de la peor manera posible por una broma a su esposa, Jada Pinkett Smith. Sin embargo, Will Smith sigue escondiéndose del público y aún no … Read more

“This gesture touches me”: Isabelle Adjani reacts to Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars

Three months after the 2022 Oscars ceremony, Isabelle Adjani gave her opinion on Will Smith’s famous slap to comedian Chris Rock during the prestigious event. On the occasion of the next release of the film peter von kantIsabelle Adjani gave an interview to the site Three colours. The opportunity for the actress to return to … Read more

The film based on a story by Murakami that took the Oscar but was overshadowed by Will Smith’s slap

The delivery of the Oscar Awards 2022 meant the return of the ceremony to face-to-face, after the hardest moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, and what could have been a celebration of cinema turned into an embarrassing event due to Will Smith hit Chris Rocklive, after the comedian made a joke about the alopecia of Jada … Read more

Will Smith will appear in ‘Bad Boys 4’: the controversial slap did not end his career

When it was believed that it could be the end of Will Smith’s career and that he was going to face the consequences of his actions, new news emerges that support it. And it is that it was announced that the actor is still considered to star in the movie ‘Bad Boys’: we tell you … Read more

Denzel Washington spoke about Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars

This article was originally published on April 4 Denzel Washington shared his thoughts on Will Smith’s slap at the Oscars after consoling him immediately afterward. Washington was one of the first people to speak to the actor following the incident in which the actor went onstage to punch Chris Rock after Rock made a joke … Read more

After the controversial slap to Chris Rock, Will Smith reappears on Prime Video

Will Smith’s name was found in the middle of controversy for a couple of weeks after the presentation of the 2022 Oscars, where he spontaneously got up and slapped actor and comedian Chris Rock, whom he even insulted for a moment later. This fact led him to be suspended from The Academy, and some of … Read more

It’s the end: when Rihanna sounded Michael Cera with a slap on the set

In “It’s the End”, Michael Cera plays an execrable version of himself addicted to cocaine and particularly toxic. A character who reaps a well-felt slap from Rihanna, which really made the actor suffer. It is the end : the apocalypse seen by Seth Rogen and his band In 2007, Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel have … Read more

After the slap, the Academy of Oscars sanctions Will Smith (and threatens his career?)

Last week, Will Smith had already resigned. This week, the actor lost new roles…and his invitation to the upcoming Oscars. Is Will Smith’s career over? Since the Oscars ceremony, held in Los Angeles on March 28, in Hollywood, we only talk about that: the slap. A little reminder if you’ve been living as a hermit … Read more

The syndrome that Chris Rock suffers and that prevented him from reacting to Will Smith’s slap

Undoubtedly, the reaction Will Smith against Chris Rock for the controversial joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, has been one of the most repeated scenes on portals, television and programs. The 2022 Oscar Awards will be remembered forever for this moment that clouded a night in which only the cinema should be the protagonist. … Read more

It’s Time To Move On From Will Smith’s Slap Drama – Deadline

Want to move on? You may disagree with me. Many do. My editors barely agree with me. But this is my space so to agree or disagree – that is the question. Here is the answer : Let the Oscars stop beating themselves up already. The world today is a universe of turmoil. Eastern Europe, … Read more