Jean Dujardin in the movie slap of 2022, the perfect mix between Gears and The Legends Office …: the films and series to see in April on CANAL +

Jean Dujardin in the movie slap of 2022 the perfect

In April, CANAL+ offers you a spring bouquet of beautiful new releases: from the November event to the latest BRI Original Creation, the program promises to be strong! But don’t worry, lovers of sweetness will also find what they’re looking for. Copyright StudioCanal THE UNAVOIDABLE BRI: season 1 – In April April is off to … Read more

‘Chabelo’ and the curious anecdote of the slap he gave Cantinflas in the movie ‘El Extra’

Chabelo and the curious anecdote of the slap he gave

The death of Xavier López ‘Chabelo’ has mourned the Mexican artistic milieu; His family, friends and fans will remember him as the high-pitched boy in red overalls he first played in the 1950s. With the character he also launched his career in the world of cinema, which allowed him to rub shoulders with big stars … Read more

Will Smith: after the slap at the Oscars, this is what could be the next film of the star

We all remember the incident at the 94th Academy Awards: Will Smithenraged by a joke Chris Rock made about his wife’s alopecia, got on stage and slapped the host. A real scandal that has done a lot of damage to the career of the actor, shunned by Hollywood since this demonstration of violence. Nevertheless, it … Read more

Will Smith revealed who supported him after the slap to Chris Rock at the Oscars

Will Smith revealed who supported him after the slap to

The Pin November 01 2022, 10:24 pm Will Smith slaps Chris Rock onstage during the 94th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. The image traveled the world (Photo: REUTERS) Without a doubt, when the end of the year is reached and the most relevant moments of the year are highlighted, in the world … Read more

Zoë Kravitz regrets responding to Will Smith’s slap: “It’s a scary time to have an opinion”. – Media Patrollers

Оut dе tоutеѕ lеѕ ѕtаrѕ quі оnt аѕѕіѕté at lа Оѕсаrѕ in March last, Zо Кrаvіtz а been one of рluѕ vіrulеntѕ with regard to gіflе. Will Smith gave to Сhrіѕ Rосk. Dаnѕ ѕа tеntаtіvе dе рrоtесtіоn dе l’аrt, еllе а роѕté unе рhоtо dе lа rоbе qu’еllе роrtаіt lоrѕ dе l’événеmеnt, tоut еn nоtаnt … Read more

The Hollywood Academy proposed to Chris Rock to present the Oscars after the slap of Will Smith

Anuel AA ended up on the floor in the middle

the comedian Chris Rock revealed that he had rejected a proposal made by the hollywood academy to present the Oscar awards of the next year, shortly after the slap in the face Will Smith in the last delivery of these awards. Rock spoke of the offer during a monologue show held at the Arizona Financial … Read more

Will Smith: the popularity rating of the actor in freefall since the slap of the Oscars

Will Smith the popularity rating of the actor in freefall

Will Smith pays the consequences of his slap to Will Smith. Indeed, the actor has seen his popularity drop greatly. This is a new blow for Will Smith. According to a report from the magazine varietythe actor’s popularity rating would be in freefall. Indeed, our colleagues have unveiled the Q scores, which represent a measure … Read more